7 Similar Games Like Spiritfarer

Games that emphasize both management and adventure skills stand out from the competition, making them interesting to play. In the independent adventure game Spiritfarer, the player must provide for the requirements of the spirits aboard their ship by preparing food and constructing boat modifications.

The player assumes the role of Stella who with her cat Daffodil, succeeds the mythical Charon as the new Spiritfarer. Stella is tasked with sailing the seas in search of souls, granting their final requests, and ultimately ferrying them through the Everdoor, a portal to the afterlife. Charon gives the enchanted Everlight to Stella and Daffodil to help them on their trip. Spiritfarer brings out the best of such management and adventurous games and if you want to play similar games like Spiritfarer then we     have some best options lined up for you. 

Following are some Games like Spiritfarer

  1. Graveyard Keeper
  2. Wandersong
  3. Gris
  4. Cozy Grove 
  5. Kena: Bridge of Spirits
  6. Old Man’s Journey
  7. Bear and Breakfast

Read more about these games in detail to choose your favorite adventure and be the pro in management sim games.

7 Similar Games like Spiritfarer

  1. Graveyard Keeper
Games Like Spiritfarer-graveyard keeper

Very much similar to games like Spiritfarer, Graveyard keeper, as the name suggests, is management simulating a game in which the player needs to build and manage a graveyard. The player is a victim of a car accident who wakes up in an alien environment.  He is tasked with maintaining the neighborhood church and cemetery.

 He connects with the villagers and assists them with their issues to return home to his lover. The keeper eventually discovers a gateway that may be used to return home, but it requires some specialized magic objects to utilize, which are held by some of the village’s most important figures.

Enjoy and explore this dark simulation. Carefully make the choices and complete the required mission. You can enjoy this amazing work on Nintendo Switch, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, and, Android. 

  1. Wandersong
Games Like Spiritfarer-wandersong

            Wandersong is a distinctive game in which the player is a bard on a quest to 

            collect song components. Singing is your way of communicating with the 

            surroundings and the locals. Different notes on the colored “Song Wheel” can                      

            be accessed by using one of the direction sticks.

            The player character’s objective is to acquire the components of “Earthsong,” 

            a song that, when performed, will enable the universe to be maintained. This 

            is a happy and relaxing game with songs and dances and is more focused 

            on individual and community relations.

            The game is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4 

            and Xbox One. 

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  1. Gris
Games Like Spiritfarer-gris

In the platform game Gris, you control a young girl as she navigates a collapsing world. The game explores feelings of loss and longing through stunning landscapes and soaring music. The game’s dedication to its visual and aesthetic development of images results in an emotive and thoughtful experience that captures both hope and despair.

Gris is alone and going through a tragedy in her life. With the growing plot Gris experience growth of emotions and a change in her viewpoint. This growth will let her see the upcoming possibilities to flourish her skills.

As the game progresses puzzles, gameplay sequences, and additional competence challenges appear. You can play it on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, macOS, iOS, and Android.  

  1. Cozy Grove 
Games Like Spiritfarer-cozy grove

As they tour Cozy Grove’s woods, the player assumes the role of a Spirit Scout. Helping the forest spirits with their demands and jobs is the aim. The player is required to prepare food, meet new friends, tend to the island’s animals, and decorate it to their liking. As you explore the island, you can uncover a lot of hidden secrets. Maintain good island management and upbeat attitudes.

The characters are decent people, and the scenery is beautifully rendered. Each spirit’s own tales must be uncovered by the player. Become friends with many amazing characters in this exciting game like Spiritfarer.

You can play Cozy Grove on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS, and Xbox One. 

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  1. Kena: Bridge of Spirits
Games Like Spiritfarer-Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Another of the spirit game Spiritfarer, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, is about a young girl’s visit to a deserted village in search of a renowned mountain shrine. Kena must assemble and develop a group of endearing spirit companions known as the Rot, and come up with fresh ways to control the world.

Rapid action and Pixar storytelling are combined in this game. As you battle horrific enemies, you wield your staff as a bow and a combat weapon. You create an army of tiny buddies while developing your talents. The Rot are shy, mysterious spirits that live all over the forest. By allowing rotting and decaying, they keep the ecosystem in balance.

You can enjoy this unique gameplay on Microsoft Windows, PS4, and PS5. 

  1. Old Man’s Journey
Games Like Spiritfarer-Old Man’s Journey

This game has many aww elements similar to its name. Using the mouse, the player moves an elderly man by clicking on the locations he has to go to. The player must alter the landscape to enable the character to reach them. To use a transport, work out some environmental puzzles. 

Hillocks can be “dragged” to transform in height, except for the area where the character is currently heading. When the edges of two hillocks line up, the character can travel through them. The puzzles occasionally include extra items, such as lambs that must be moved out of the path so the figure can pass.

The old man remembers his past relations when triggered by some items while sitting down. If the story excites you, then you can play the game on Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android.

  1. Bear and Breakfast
Games Like Spiritfarer-Bear and Breakfast

In Bear and Breakfast, you take on the role of a bear who initiates the management of bed-and-breakfast in the forests. Hank, with his friends, modify a deserted cottage into a thriving bed and breakfast option for travelers.

The mysteries of the forest become more complex as the company grows, and Hank eventually finds himself digging into a conspiracy that extends beyond the wilderness itself.

Customize the inn and the rooms in any way you like. Play this interesting game on Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch. 

Wrap Up

The list includes amazing, not-so-brutal battle games that you can enjoy laying back and planning your next movement with strategies. Test your management skills and enjoy the adventure. 

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