How To Get Apex Legends Collection Event Packs

Awakening Events are one of the best experiences you get in the Apex Legends game. These events are where you can get the event packs from. Want to know how to get awakening event packs in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a popular hero shooter game that you can play in single as well as two-player mode. In the game, there are several collection events that the players get to attend, and in these events, they also get the event packs.

How to get awakening event packs in Apex Legends? Answer: Go t the Collection Event items and purchase the awakening event pack worth 700 Apex coins. You can purchase a 1000 Apex coins pack for $10 to make the deal.

Want to know in detail about the awakening event packs in Apex Legends and how you can get one for yourself? Then go ahead and you will get all the information.

What Is Awakening Event Pack In Apex Legends?

The Awakening Event Pack is an event-exclusive pack that consists of the Awakening cosmetics collection. This collection comprises 24 cosmetics that are strictly exclusive to the event. The cosmetics are available for a limited time period and have a great collection as per the event theme.

The Awakening started in Apex Legends on June 21, 2022, and from that time onwards, you are allowed to take part in it and get your event packs. The items available in the Apex Awakening Event include epic skins, legendary skins, epic frames, emotes, and Holospray.

How To Get Awakening Event Packs?

If you want to get an awakening event pack, you can get one in exchange for 700 Apex coins. But, how to get these Apex coins? Well, there are several packs of Apex Coins available for purchase in the store, and you will have to pay real money to get these.

The smallest Apex coin pack costs $10 and you get 1000 Apex coins in it. So, you can purchase this one to get one Awakening Event Pack in Apex Legends.

Once you have purchased the Apex coins and have a minimum of 700 spare coins in your account, go to the last tab on your main screen and the Collection event items will appear on the screen. In the list, you will find all the new cosmetics that are available for purchase in the well-organized grid.

Here you can look for the Awakening Event Packs and purchase one for yourself. That’s all about how to get Awakening Event Packs.

Wrap Up

Now you know the method on how to get event awakening packs in the game Apex Legends. Share this with your friends, so they can also get the exclusive collection of cosmetics for yourself.

Can You Get Awakening Event Packs For Free?

No, there is no way in which you can obtain Awakening Event Packs for free as you can only get them through Apex coins that you can only purchase with real money and nothing else. 

What Are The Apex Awakening Event Skins Based On? 

The skins that players get from the Apex Awakening Event are all based on the popular characters belonging to the Sentai and the Kaiju franchises, like Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Ronin Warriors, or the Pink Power Rangers. 

When Did the Apex Awakening Event Start? 

The Apex Awakening Event has begun right on June 21, 2022. The event will be live in different regions as per the time in the location, after which you can also be a part of the event. 

What Is The Apex Awakening Event End Date?

The last date till when the Apex Awakening Event is available is July 5, 2022. So, you can be a part of this event only from 21 June to 5 July, after which the event will end. So gram as many cosmetics as you want within these two weeks. 

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