Great Games Like Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is one of the most wonderful game series ever created. Since its first release, it has been a great hit among players. The role-playing action satisfied every gamer with its amazing visuals and battles. The player journeys through an already-destroyed castle and engages in fights with the huge enemies attacking them. 

During the battle scenes, the player has control over the character’s sword and is able to defend the attacks with a shield that only has limited use. Explore the ruined castle and slay the biggest enemy, the immortal God King. The game provides adventure, amazing combats, and a great storyline to keep you hooked and if you want more of it, we have selected some great games like Infinity Blade you must play.

Following are some great games like Infinity Blade

  1. Stormblades
  2. Horn
  3. Batman Arkham City Lockdown 
  4. Dark Meadow: The Pact
  5. Severed
  6. Dragon Slayer
  7. Blood and Glory: Legend

Know more details about these Epic games and enjoy the action and adventure of playing these.

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7 Great Games Like Infinity Blade

  1. Stormblades
Great games like Infinity Blade- Stormblades

If you are still not over Infinity Blade then Stormblades is the perfect option for you. Similar to Games like Infinity Blade, Stormblades provide a lot of fight sequences and action. In the game, there are a variety of levels that provide challenging gameplay as the game advance. 

The role of the warriors is to look for the hidden treasure guarded by the Keepers and accomplish the missions. Grab your sword and enter this adventurous journey. The Keepers are the monster-like warriors who defend the treasure and the player must fight against them. 

  1. Horn
Great games like Infinity Blade- Horn

Similar to many great games like Infinity Blade, Horn is an amazing adventure game that is set in a fantasy world. The player takes on the role of a blacksmith who is all ready to bring back life to the humans who have become soulless. The main objective of the player in the game is to bring everything and everyone back to normal. 

Being a blacksmith, the player is able to create weapons that are needed to break away from the stone curse. The game has some amusing characters to keep you entertained and the player must fight countless monsters to accomplish the missions and bring back normalcy.

  1. Batman Arkham City Lockdown 
Great games like Infinity Blade-Batman Arkham City Lockdown 

A call for all the Batman and Joker lovers, Batman Arkham City Lockdown is an action pack game by Warner Bros. Joker planned a perfect breakout from Arkham Asylum and the villains are now causing chaos in Gotham City, and their streets. The hero, Batman, must stop them from causing any further damage. 

The player must fight off all the enemies as defeating the villains will win them experience points. The player is also permitted to change the skin and can buy from various Batsuits available for the character. The game is a treat for all the fans of Infinity Blade and DC Comics. 

  1. Dark Meadow: The Pact
Great games like Infinity Blade- Dark Meadow: The Pact

The game combines all your favorite genres to create a masterwork to keep you engrossed in it. The player character wakes up in a deserted hospital with no past memory. And like any other Horror movie, he goes on to look for answers in that horrifying building. 

The player enters this dangerous world and the obstacles are all lined up for him. Fight the various enemies coming along your way and try to survive and escape this dark world. Enjoy this horror-adventure action game and keep your player character safe and mostly sane. 

  1. Severed
Great games like Infinity Blade- Severed

A unique name in the list of these amazing adventure games like Infinity Blade, Severed carries you on an adventure to a weird world. This eerie world has some strange monster enemies you need to fight. Unravel some mysteries and solve the hard, challenging puzzles. 

The player is a single-armed warrior or a fighter who awakes in this strange world and now must look for her family there. What differentiates this game from the rest is that the one-armed player can sever the body parts of the enemies and use them. Those parts can be used to fight and get some brand-new powers.

  1. Dragon Slayer
Great games like Infinity Blade- Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer is another fantastic game like Infinity Blade as it adds the element of fantasy and some great battles. And as the name suggests, lots and lots of dragons. 

The player must defeat and slay the dragons and many other reptiles and they can use magic or cast spells to win over them. 

To enhance their powers during combat, the player can upgrade their equipment to put on a great fight and slay monstrous enemies. The game also has some pretty good graphics to enjoy. 

  1. Blood and Glory: Legend
Great games like Infinity Blade- Blood and Glory: Legend

Blood and Glory is an addictive fighting game with some brutal content. Following its prequel, the game has deadly fights where the player must combat other gladiators in the Roman Empire for glory and rewards. The enemies are in great numbers and so are the challenges. 

The player can participate in tons of tournaments and must face the gladiators and some special warriors to add more thrill to the game. By winning the tournaments or by purchasing, the player can upgrade their fighter’s abilities. It is a perfect game for those who enjoy brutal fights and also for those who admire the mythological narrative. 

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Wrap Up

Infinity Blade has amusing action, adventure, and great fantasy elements which makes it the best in all senses. And if you desire to play more games similar to Infinity Blade, then those mentioned above are also perfect for you. 

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