How Do I Fix Warzone FPS Problems? – 4 Easy Ways

Call Of Duty is as popular in the gaming world as its complaints are. It has been noted that with various timely updates, the players have been complaining of bugs or stuttering and many other problems. Low FPS is one of the significant concerns among gamers after an update. Thus, in order to enjoy the best performance from the game, you must be aware of the steps to fix these Warzone FPS problems. 

To enjoy a smooth gaming experience, the game should have a high FPS. And to achieve that, you must know the steps to attain a high FPS. You can do that by fixing issues related to your CPU core. The Esc key if tapped twice might also help. Updating your graphics by enabling NVIDIA DLSS settings or turning off the window game mode.

Read the details to follow these steps and have fun, exciting gameplay. 

How Do I Fix Warzone FPS Problems?

  1. Fixing issues related to the CPU core

>Go to the CPU tab and you will see the cores your PC has. 

>Go to the Documents on your PC and look for the Warzone

>Click on the Players folder and a number of options will appear.

>Click on the “adv_options

>Look for the RenderWorkerCount and keep it equal to the cores. 

>Keep the VideoMemoryScale to .75 

This will improve Warzone’s performance for sure. 

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  1. The Esc Key

Many gamers believe that tapping the Esc key on the keyboard twice can also resolve issues related to FPS. The FPS might stutter if the window believes you are playing the game minimized. Clicking on the Esc key twice will help. 

  1. Enabling NVIDIA DLSS

>Open up your Call Of Duty game. 

>Go to the Options and then click on the Graphics tab from the menu. 

>Look for Post-Processing Effects among the available options. 

>There, you can set the NVIDIA DLSS as you desire. 

This will boost the graphics if they are the issue. 

  1. The Window Game Mode

Although this mode is to make the gaming experience better, it can negatively affect your PC and can be a reason for the FPS issues in the game. Turning off the Game Mode might be a help. 

>Go to Windows and open Settings.

>Search for Game Mode from the options available in the Settings Tab. 

>Select the Game Mode Settings

>Disable Game Mode by turning it off. 

However, if you feel that the gaming performance is getting worse, then you must turn the Game Mode back on.

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How Do I Fix Warzone FPS Problems- FAQs

 Why is my FPS suddenly dropping?

There isn’t just one reason for FPS dropping. The issue can be related to some hardware problem of your device, outdated graphics card drivers, the windows might not be updated and even a virus can worsen the FPS. Check for all of these issues to determine the actual problem and treat it accordingly. 

How to see your Frames Per Second (FPS) in games?

You must first launch the game and then click on Options. There, go to the General Tab. In the General Tab, under Telemetry, you will find Frames Per Second (FPS) counter. Now, enable the FPS counter and you can see FPS in games. 

Wrap Up

Higher FPS provides a better gaming experience to all game lovers. However, there are many factors that are responsible for issues related to Warzone FPS problems. We have provided you with the reasons for these issues and the possible solutions and steps you must follow to Fix Warzone FPS problems. Carefully go through these steps, fix the FPS problems, and enjoy playing your favorite game without any breaks.

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