How do I get Rainbow Panda in Blooket (100% working)

Blooket is an educational website that allows students to learn the question sets they have chosen or are hosted by teachers.

Blooks, which look like small, amusing animals avatars or unique creatures that represent players in the Blooket games, are the most attractive feature for children.

A Blook, in other words is a character type that can be used as an icon for the player or enemies.

There are many types of Blooks on the Blooket educational site. They come in a variety of grades and categories.

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While some Blooks can be accessed free of charge in the Blooks menus, others must be purchased with tokens. All of the unique Blooks found in the Marketmenu boxes can only be accessed by tokens.

Participants must answer correctly the questions in the blooket to earn tokens that can be used to unlock or buy their favorite Blooks.

This post is intended solely to educate and not to violate the website’s copyrights. We guarantee that all the tricks in this post to achieve rainbow bllook have been tested individually by our hacking experts.

How to get Rainbow Panda from Blooket

There’s two reasons every player wants to be a rainbow panda. Its unique appearance attracts players to buy it and display it. Selling it could result in 300 tokens being given to you at once. Let’s get started and learn how to achieve it.

The Safari box costs 25 tokens to unlock the Rainbow Panda in Blooket. It is not possible to receive it by default as it is one the chroma look blooks. This is because it has a 0.02 percent drop-rate, meaning that it is very unlikely to be obtained.

This blook is very rare and drops at a low rate. It requires dedication, hard work, and a lot of luck to get. There is an indirect route to get it. Click the next heading to find out more.

How to hack blooket to get rainbow panda eyes?

We spent hours searching for ways to get Rainbow Panda in Blooket. After trying many unsuccessful hacks, we finally found a 100% working hack which allowed us to get this rare blook in Blooket.

After a few attempts of investing tokens on Safari Box, Rainbow panda was successfully obtained. We are sure you want to learn the steps to achieve this trait. Without further delay, let’s get going.


We simplified the process by breaking it down into two steps. You must complete both steps to achieve the desired result. We guarantee you will have rainbow blook if you follow these steps carefully.


  • To copy the Github hacking codes, visit this page . You may not have signed-up for Github if you cannot access the page. [Complete the sign up process to continue]. This code is vital because it will be used later to add tokens to unlock Safari box blooks.
  • Once you have copied the code , go to Sign in with your account.
  • Click on the Blooket dashboard. Log in to access the Blooket Market page .
  • Right-click on any location and select To inspect.
  • Double-click the “Console option” option from the panel.
  • Paste the Github code we copied at the beginning. Then hit enter.
  • You should now see a pop up notification. Click OK.
  • When you reload market page, approximately 500 tokens will be added into your account.
  • Continue the process three more times, or until you have 4000 tokens. Once you have enough money, you can go on to the next step to complete your task.


To unlock Rainbow Panda, click the Safari box. It is rarer than other blooks and has a very low chance of being found. It is worth spending tokens on a continual basis to unlock this blook. After a few attempts, this Blook will be yours.

You can also get other blooks such as Chroma, legendary or mystical.

Note: If the above method doesn’t help you collect enough tokens you can still do it by correctly answering all questions in a blooket-game. To collect more tokens, we recommend the Blooket Auto Answer Hacks that were described in one of our posts.

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You can also hack other techniques to get all the blooks including rainbow panda. These cheats were discussed in an older post that you must. We are certain that the method outlined there will help you unlock rainbow blooks in blooket. We wish you all the best!

Wrapping up:

That’s it. This is how to get the rainbow panda look. This is a question about hacking Blooket.

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