How Do You Earn Coins In Pokemon Go?

A lot of important items are purchasable in Pokemon Go, which, if you want, you need to pay a special currency called the PokeCoins. That will be applicable only if you know how to earn coins in Pokemon Go without paying any money, right? And there are several ways for doing that, so why waste your money on that? 

To earn coins in Pokemon Go, you can either purchase them from the in-game store of the game or you can earn them from gyms by leaving a Pokemon of yours to look after it for which you get one PokeCoin for every 10 minutes your Pokemon has occupied the gym. 

If you are planning to get Event Boxes in Pokemon Go, then it is important for you to know all the possible ways in which you can purchase PokeCoins. And who would like to spend real money just for the sake of a game? So, it is better to go for the alternative methods of earning PokeCoins in Pokemon Go. 

Let us see what we can do in order to earn as many coins as possible in Pokemon Go. 

How Do You Earn Coins In Pokemon Go?

Right now, there are only two possible ways in which the players can earn PokeCoins in Pokemon Go. While one of the methods requires just your money, the other one needs your effort into the game. Let us discuss both of them so you can decide whether you wish to spend money for these coins or work a little on the game to start generating a Coin income from there. 

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1. Purchase PokeCoins With Money

The usual method that is available for getting coins in Pokemon Go is by losing your pockets for it. There are several packages of PokeCoins that you can purchase from the in-game store of Pokemon Go. Here are the prices of PokeCoin if you are willing to buy. 

1. 14500 PokeCoins For $19.99 USD

2. 5200 PokeCoins For $39.99 USD

3. 2500 PokeCoins For $19.99 USD

4. 1200 PokeCoins For $9.99 USD

5. 550 PokeCoins For $4.49 USD

6. 100 PokeCoins For $0.99 USD

You can choose your pack based on your budget and the amount of PokeCoins you need in the game. However, if you are not planning to spend a single penny for this game, there is another method explained right below, check it out. 

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2. Earn PokeCoins From Gyms

This method of earning coins in Pokemon Go will cost you nothing except the time provided to the game. What you have to do is visit a gym that belongs to another team in Pokemon Go. Then you have to battle with them so that you can take over that gym for your team. 

Once the gym belongs to you, you have to leave behind a strong Pokemon of yours to look after this Gym. As a result, for every 10 minutes for which your Pokemon occupies this gym, you receive one PokeCoin. 

However, in total, you cannot collect a single more than 50 PokeCoins from the Gyms in Pokemon Go. This means that no matter how many gyms you have occupied with your Pokemon, at the end of the day, you will only get 50 coins out of them in all. 

Also, for you to collect the coins, some other player must have defeated your Pokemon and it must return to you only after which it will bring along the coins that have been earned. 

If only one Pokemon of yours returns from the Gym in a day, that would be the only case where you will be able to make the most out of this method of collecting PokeCoins, otherwise, some of them will simply go wasted. 

Although it will take quite a long time for you to collect a good number of PokeCoins, you know one thing for sure you will receive coins for free. 

Wrap Up

Now you know the right answer to “How do you earn coins in Pokemon Go” and we hope that you will now easily be able to collect as many PokeCoins as you want so that you can use them to purchase Incubators, Premium Raid Passes, or the special or ultra boxes which is the best thing you can get from this currency. 

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