How Do You Spoof On Pokemon Go 2022 – Switch To Any Location In The World

You must already know how much your geographical location matters while playing Pokemon Go. And you also can’t just move to any location across the world just to catch your favorite Pokemon. But, there is a solution to this, only if you were aware of how do you Spoof on Pokemon Go. But, don’t worry, from today onwards, you won’t have to think much about this. 

To spoof on Pokemon Go, first, you need to get a VPN app and a GPS spoofing app installed on the device on which you are going to play Pokemon Go. then, choose the server of the location you want to spoof in the VPN app. Then, you can install Pokemon Go and play it as per the location you have selected in the VPN. 

Not all kinds of Pokemon are available in every location on the world map of Pokemon Go. Thus, a lot of players often complain about not having access to their favorite Pokemon in the game. However, there is an option that lets you get access to another location in the world in Pokemon Go where you can catch the Pokemon you have always wanted. 

By means of this article, let us learn how to spoof on Pokemon Go, so, are you ready? Then, don’t forget to share this article with your Pokemon Go friends too. 

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What Is Spoofing In Pokemon Go?

Spoofing on Pokemon Go refers to the process through which the players can trick the GPS of their phone into loading another location wherever they want in the world, thus having access to the Pokemon and PokeStops of that location freely in Pokemon Go without having to visit the place physically. 

By doing this, the players can battle in the gyms located in other regions that are out of their reach as well as grab the items that they require in the game from the specific PokeStops. 

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How Do You Spoof On Pokemon Go?   

Since games like Pokemon Go, work depending upon the location you reside in, they determine your location with the help of the IP address provided by your server and the GPS coordinates given by your Mobile device. Using them both, they match your location, and then you are able to play the game accordingly.

In fact, if you are cheating by providing the wrong location, Pokemon Go can also ban you from playing the game again. So, you need to be quite careful if you want to spoof in Pokemon go, and luckily, we know the right way to do this. 

You can Spoof in Pokemon Go with the help of a VPN connection. Because it helps you prevent from disclosing your original IP Address and hence, you can easily mask your true location in Pokemon Go. 

Let us check out how can this be done. Before this, you need to know that you will require a suitable GPS spoofing application that can work well with the VPN app you are going to use. 

Here are the steps on how do you Spoof On Pokemon Go. 

1. Look for a good VPN application, download and install it on your device. 

2. Next, you will need to install a GPS spoofing application as well. 

3. Now launch the VPN app and choose the server location of the country you want to spoof. 

4. Now, download Pokemon Go on your device and launch the game. 

With the help of the GPS spoofing app you have, you will be able to explore the area of another location where you are not present physically and thus avail the things that are present in that location in Pokemon Go. This way, you can freely play the game in whichever location from the whole world you want to. 

Wrap Up

This was our apt answer to “How do you spoof on Pokemon Go”. Remember that you need to be quite careful while doing this so that you do not make a mistake, or else you will be permanently banned from playing Pokemon Go and we know that you would never want that to happen. If there is anything else regarding Pokemon Go that you wish to know, you can share your query with us in the comments section right below.

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