How Do You Use A Charged TM In Pokemon Go?

It does not matter how good your Pokemon is. If its move sets are not perfect, it will be difficult for you to use them in the game. How will you correct your Pokemon’s move? Any idea about how do you use a charged TM in Pokemon Go? Charged TM which was first introduced in the raids of 2017, allows you to change the moves, as well as teach the new move sets to your Pokemon. 

Later in this article, you will be guided through some basic steps that will show you how you can use charged TMs in Pokemon Go with the list of Pokemons changing their move sets using charged TM.

How Can You Get A Charged TM In Pokemon Go?

Charged TM can be won in many ways. But the most effective way to get them is by participating in the Go Battle League or by winning raids and you will be rewarded with a charged TM. 

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How Do You Use A Charged TM In Pokemon Go?

These are the steps from which you can use charged Tms for a Pokemon in Pokemon Go:

  • From the center of the bottom, click on the Menu button which exactly looks like a Poke Ball
  • From the right of the bottom, click on the Items Button which exactly looks like a Backpack
  • After that scroll down to see the charged Tms and tap on it after finding it
  • Then you have to select the Pokemon on which you want to use charged Tms
  • Finally, Click “YES” for confirmation

How Many Types Of TMs Are There In Pokemon Go?

As there are two types of moves, the Quick move and charged move. So, we also have 2 kinds of TMs.

  • Quick TM: If you want to change the Quick Move of your Pokemon, then this TM is used.
  • Charged TM: If you want to change the Charged Move of your Pokemon, then this TM is used.

What Are The Best Movesets That You Can Change With Charged TMs?

  • Machamp: Change from Heavy Slam or Close Combat to Dynamic Punch
  • Gengar:  Focus Blast or Dark Pulse to Shadow Ball
  • Kingler:  Any move to Crabhammer
  • Zapdos:  Any move to Thunderbolt
  • Moltres:  Ancient Power, Heat Wave, or Fire Blast to Overheat
  • Dragonite:  Any move to Outrage
  • Mewtwo:  Focus Blast, Hyper Beam, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, or Thunderbolt to Psychic
  • Tyranitar:  Fire Blast to Crunch*
  • Blaziken*:  Focus Blast, Stone Edge, or Brave Bird to Blaze Kick
  • Breloom*: Sludge Bomb or Seed Bomb to Dynamic Punch
  • Salamance: Fireblast or Hydro Pump to Draco Meteor
  • Metagross: Flash Cannon to Psychic
  • Kyogre: Any Move to Surf
  • Rayquaza: Any Move to Outrage
  • Roserade: Dazzling Gleam or Solar Beam to Grass Knot or Sludge Bomb
  • Rampardos: Any Move to Rock Slide
  • Garchomp: Any Move to Outrage
  • Electivire: Any Move to Wild Charge
  • Mamoswine: Any Move to Avalanche
  • Dialga: Any Move to Draco Meteor
  • Palkia: Any Move to Draco Meteor
  • Giratina: Any Move to Shadow Ball
  • Darkrai: Any Move to Shadow Ball
  • Excadrill: Any Move to Drill Run
  • Chandelure: Energy Ball to Over Heat or Shadow Ball
  • Haxorus: Any Move to Dragon Claw
  • Terrakion: Any Move to Rock Slide

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If you are not happy with your Pokemon moves, in that case, TMs can entirely transform the level of gameplay in Pokemon Go. There is nothing difficult about using charged Tms in Pokemon Go, you only have to follow these basic and simple steps which are mentioned above in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Preferable, Fast or Charged TMs?

Small Amounts of damage are dealt by Fast Attacks, which also strengthen a charged attack. Once they have reached their maximum power, charged attacks can be used; they also cause more damage. So, both are preferable in their own way. In short, we can say that Fast Attacks for a Small amount of attack and Charged Attacks for a Large amount of attack.

Why Constrict 10 is the weakest move in Pokemon Go?

This is Pokemon’s weakest offensive maneuver. Since it is essentially a one-hit attack that deals with the least amount of damage in all of Pokemon. Pokemon Sword and Shield forbade it as a move.

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