How Tall Is Malenia Elden Ring

There is a huge variety of bosses in Elden Ring and each is unique in their appearance, backstory, fighting style, and weaknesses. Some of the bosses are optional and to fight with them is your wish and some are the main bosses you must defeat.

Several of the bosses are monsters and beasts you need to survive and kill and some are great warriors and difficult to fight. There are some minor bosses who are more difficult to fight than the major ones. 

Malenia, one of the minor bosses, is a demigod and skillful warrior. She is tall and her height confuses many players. It is believed that Malenia is around 2.38 meters tall and your player character will surely feel dwarf standing next to her. Read more about Malenia’s height and other features in the following paragraphs. 

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How Tall Is Malenia Elden Ring

The demigod, Malenia is the child of Queen Marika with the second Elden Lord, Radagon. A twin to her brother Miquella, Malenia suffered from the “Scarlet Rot” curse which slowly degenerates her body and infects those near her.

However, she is still one of the greatest warriors in the game with amazing fighting skills. Malenia slaughtered a large number of her enemies for her brother and even ended up fighting with her half-brother, the demigod, General Radahn. 

Malenia is a relatively tall warrior with her height reaching approximately 2.38 meters or around 7’8’’- 7’10’’. This is enough to intimidate the player character before fighting with her. She uses the Hand of Malenia, a very powerful Katana to slash her enemies and her weapon is as long as her height. The players would definitely desire this weapon so you must defeat her for that. Malenia is blind due to the rot infection in her eyes but this doesn’t seem to stop her from being one of the best. 

How Tall Is Malenia Elden Ring- FAQs

What level should I be for Malenia?

Malenia is a hard boss to fight so don’t think of entering into a battle with her unless you are well-prepared with the right weapons and equipment. Try to fight with her if your level is 120 or above

How hard is Malenia in Elden Ring?

Malenia is not a major boss in the game but surely isn’t weak. Some of the players who have already faced her believe she is as difficult as the many major bosses in Elden Ring and some call her the toughest of all. So if we say that she is one of the hardest bosses to face in the entire game then this won’t be a joke. What makes fighting with her more difficult is her durability. She heels with every attack, making it difficult to injure her. 

Was Malenia Blind?

Malenia was cursed with “Scarlet Rot” and this infected her various body parts. Even her eyes became a victim of the “Scarlet Rot” curse and she ended up being permanently blind. However, this didn’t let her skills and spirits fade away. 

What is Malenia weak to in Elden Ring?

No matter how great a warrior is, everyone has a weakness and if you are aware of their weaknesses, you can easily defeat them. The demigod warrior Malenia is weak to fire attacks and bleed attacks. If you halt her regeneration or healing process, it would make it easy for you to attack her and defeat her. 

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Wrap Up

It is better to know your enemy before facing them and it is even better to know about their appearance to prevent a panic attack the moment you face them. We have informed you about the possible height and appearance of the demigod boss Malenia and some ways to defeat her. Be ready and hold your weapons tightly and defeat the one believed to be the best of all and show them who is the ultimate warrior. 

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