How to advance your career through BBA finance

A finance degree equips students to go for management careers (in non-financial firms), while work on financial services firms that work on brokerage firms, banking, alongwith insurance companies. 

A BBA or Bachelor of business administration in Finance provides education to the graduates on theory as well as using financial analyses. Financial analysis is key in several settings where business decisions need to be made- for instance, what are the assets, management of wealth, monetary-expectations from the future etc. 

Finance works on asset exchanges over time. It focuses on the price of assets, and makes decisions as to how firms should undertake and fund their projects based on the same. They look after that decisions are made appropriately on investment strategies by the organization. They also teach the business leaders and upper management how financial markets work, both domestically as well as internationally.  

A BBA finance program would combine courseworks on topics like financial management, financial markets and institutions, investment analysis. It also does international finance to help students go for roles in big corporations, smaller businesses, commercial or investment banks, insurance or other financial institutes etc. After this program, students can also work in consulting and accounting firms. Some may even go for government agencies who need finance experts. 

Interested in bba finance and international business? Keep reading to learn how you can advance your career through this course. 

What kind of topics are usually covered in BBA finance?

  1. Mergers and acquisitions
  2. Investment management
  3. International finance
  4. Trading strategies
  5. Financial modeling 
  6. Corporate finance and derivatives

The topics may differ on the basis of the institution offering the course. 

Career Prospects after BBA Finance

  1. Finance Manager

Finance managers play a crucial role in an organization’s financial management. They oversee risk assessment and its management, ensuring that the financial resources of the company are being utilized optimally. They also supervise and assist in the organization’s activities, or decision making such as – investments, budgets, fund-raising choices, insurance etc. 

  1. Budget analyst

Budget analysts are very important professionals in the finance department of an organization. They are the ones who handle the allocation of funds throughout the organization. They also ensure such funds are used optimally and suffer no wastage. They not only supervise the budget, but also prepare budget reports after monitoring and tracing all the spendings of an organization. 

  1. Financial analyst

Financial analyst is another great career choice for finance experts, as it is quite lucrative too. It is a great job to start right after your BBA in finance. These analysts analyze the financial statements of organizations and come up with suggestions or most appropriate actions that will benefit the firm in a given situation.

Are there other career options for BBA finance graduates?

Apart from the above mentioned roles, there are other opportunities available for BBA in finance experts. Some of them include –

  • Retail banking
  • Financial planner
  • Financial analyst
  • Investment banking
  • Financial consultant 
  • Loan officer
  • Credit analyst
  • Actuary
  • Junior trader
  • Loan audit manager

The BBA finance sector is an ever-evolving arena. It opens up opportunities to different careers and job roles that weren’t there initially. After earning the degree, students can join as finance experts in any organization or opt for higher studies or degrees such as an MBA. Enroll today. 

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