How To Battle Pokemon Go Tour Challengers?

Still figuring out how to battle Pokemon Go Tour Challengers? We understand a lot of players are struggling with this thing and we really want you to have detailed information in the same so that you can easily not just find the Tour challengers but also beat them in the game. 

To battle Pokemon Go Tour Challengers, you have to find them at the PokeStops just like you find the typical Team Go Grunts, to make things simplified for yourself, choose to disable the Rocket radar if you have equipped any. Then you have to spin the PokeStop to start the battle with these Challengers, be prepared for all the kinds of Pokemon that are originally based in the Kanto region because the Challengers would probably use one such team for the battle. 

In Pokemon Go, the players have to go through a variety of tasks where specific things need to be accomplished as a part of different stages of the task. Just like that, another event has been added to the game namely the “Kanto Tour” event where several tasks also involve battling the Pokemon GO Tour Challengers.

If you are new to this event and are not aware of how to battle these Tour Challengers in Pokemon Go, then we are happy to help you with the answers. 

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How To Battle Pokemon Go Tour Challengers?

To battle the Pokemon GO Tour Challengers in the game, you will first need to find them and this task is equivalent to finding any other Team GO Rocket grunt in Pokemon Go. 

Just like you find any typical grunt hanging out at several PokeStops, in the same manner, the Tour Challengers are also found at the PokeStops around the map. 

If you spot any PokeStops that are shaded slightly darker than usual, then you must head there because there will be more chances of finding the Tour Challengers in the game. 

You can also remove the Rocket radar in your game if you want to be more precise that the PokeStop you are heading to is the spot of the Tour Challenger and not the Rocket Grunts.

Because, if you have equipped the Rocket radar, you might otherwise encounter the Team Go Rocket Leaders instead of finding the Challengers which will waste a lot of your time. So, if you do not want to have any such complications, just do as we said. 

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Once you find the Pokemon GO Tour Challengers, you will have to battle them. Now that you enter the battle, it is going to be quite different from that which takes place with a Rocket Grunt. 

These battles are based on community players, and unlike having a coherent singular team, they have their own avatars. 

This means that you cannot be sure of which Pokemon would be used by the Challengers for the battle, however, you can keep one thing in mind that most of the Pokemon that they have are usually from the Kanto region, so you can check the kinds of Pokemon found there and prepare accordingly. 

For instance, in one Group of the Team Go Challengers, all three Pokemon are the evolutionary forms of the Eevee, you need to be quite careful about all the Pokemon that are possible to be sent by the Challengers. 

When you are ready to begin a battle with the Pokemon Go Tour Challengers, you have to spin the PokeStop where you see a community avatar standing next to it within the range. 

Since you cannot use any hot air balloons, the only option you are left with to complete the challenges is by moving yourself to find the PokeStops. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you are now completely acknowledged with how to battle Pokemon Go Tour Challengers in the game, and if you have a wide range of Pokemon from every category in your teams, it would not be much hard of a task to beat the Tour Challengers in the game. If there is still something you need help with in the game, you can ask us in the comments section below and we shall let you know as soon as possible.

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