How to Build A Profitable Mobile Game

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The mobile game market is incredibly successful. With examples like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, an inspiring idea can quickly turn into a consistent revenue stream. As 62% of phone users download games within their first week of owning their phones, a successful app-build strategy can lead to the next potential Pokemon or Call of Duty.

This article will explore how to make a successful mobile game and explore UX, funding, your development team, and top-selling gaming strategies that lucratively meet market demand.

How to Make Money in the Gaming Industry

While successful games are not easy to create, studying your target audience and creating an exciting concept can bring you closer to a winning app. Here are a few other strategies that work.

Have a Storyline

Successful games tell catchy stories and have a hero/villain, theme, exciting characters, and tools or weapons (for in-app purchases). 

Consider your players. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Are they fighting over money or land? How will the hero win? Will tools or weapons help users defeat their opponents? 

Keep It Simple

Simpler games (designed with kids in mind) sell better because users want basic rules, so simplify your engine and user interface while avoiding many buttons and decisions. In Galaga, the goal was simple. Shoot everything in sight, and avoid getting shot or mission over.

Optimize the User Experience

Users want games that load instantly within a few clicks. If you have bugs, crashes, multiple ads, or users who state it needs to be clarified, make sure to make a release date early. 

Hone in your design elements and reduce design weight to optimize performance for better feedback and to avoid churning.

Put Your Creative Skills to Work

To create the most successful games, mirror games users enjoy. But also think out of the box for new ideas (Clash Royale’s Real Time Strategy, Hearthstone’s Collectible Card Games).

If you are curious what is the most profitable online game or what type is most profitable. Statista data shows top games with a daily revenue (2021) included Roblox ($3.093 million/daily), Coin Master ($1.095 million/daily), and Candy Crush Saga ($2.026 million/daily). Sweet!

Use Social Media

Social media marketing can increase your viral ability and build target audiences. Try referral programs for more organic growth. Social media is also ideal for finding new users with slot games. 

Online casinos (e.g., DoubleDown and Jackpot Party) offer free play and real-play versions of video poker, blackjack, and progressive slots. Some online casinos have games like fish table, live dealer games, and specialty games. 

The lesson is that pre-established Facebook audiences want new content (MORE bonus cash and tournaments). 

Have a Solid Monetization Plan

Often, people will ask are online games profitable and how online games make money. 

Monetize your app with third-party ads and in-app purchases. Targeted ads can increase the likelihood that users make a purchase. However, keep them from overloading with pushy banners and multiple pop-ups. 

Free online games that pay real money include in-app purchases. An example is a war game where you can buy weapons or 88 Fortunes, where players can spend $1 for $5 million in virtual currency. Hence, your revenue adds up to hundreds or millions of players!

Find a Balance

Work with developers to cross-promote your app (ad exchange program) or quietly use affiliate marketing as a non-pushy sales approach. 

Real-money casino gambling is another option generating massive growth ($6.2 billion) and reaching hundreds of millions of users. 

Trending with online casinos, social gaming sites, and sports books, the growth will continue in the coming years, so focus on cryptocurrencies, AI to improve user preferences, and fresh content.

Set Money Aside for User Acquisition

Organically growing an app takes a lot of work. Attract audiences by letting the first 5,000 users download your game to increase its rankings. And run ad campaigns and use social media data (Google, Facebook) to streamline audiences.

Strategize with gaming marketing specialists who can help promote your game and put it in front of thousands of potential players.

Hire the Best Developers

Developers need to transform your ideas into successful launches, so work with experienced teams who KNOW your app style. They can allow for new ideas without constantly asking what’s next.

User gaming preferences include puzzles, adventure, role-playing, Vegas-style, and action games. While Statista found that 213 million people play mobile games (2021), 33% of gamers spend 9 hours playing online weekly. Hence, enticing games are the biggest hits!

Game On!

Building a successful app is hard work, but using social media, savvy storylines, in-app purchases, and developer cross-promotions can drive engagement. 

Maximize user experiences by hiring the best development team and having a solid strategy. Your game might become the next overnight success (so get the bugs out!).

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