How To Catch Umbreon In Pokemon Go – 2 Easy Methods

As a good and experienced Pokemon Go player, you must be aware that choosing a Dark Type Pokemon is a great decision as it is immune against Psychic Types as well as shows vulnerability to very few Pokemon Types in the game, Umbreon being one of the best examples. This is why you must check out this guide on how to catch Umbreon in Pokemon Go. 

To catch Umbreon in Pokemon Go, you have to find an Eevee and make it your buddy. Once you walk with it for 10 km and receive two Eevee candies, evolve it at night, remember that Eevee can be transformed into any of the other seven forms too. However, using an Eevee nickname trick would be helpful and assuring. Read further if you want to know in detail about this, then keep reading further and find out.

The popular Pokemon Eevee has eight different evolved versions in Pokemon Go, Umbreon being one among them. This automatically tells that the chances of getting an Umbreon evolved from Eevee are 1 in 8, which is quite low. So, you must want to know if there are any other ways in which you can get Umbreon, right?

This article will cover all the possible methods on how to catch Umbreon in Pokemon Go, so, pay your attention here to get one for yourself. 

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How To Catch Umbreon In Pokemon Go?

So far we have come through two possible ways in which an Umbreon can be obtained in Pokemon Go. And we shall discuss each of them here so that you can work on whichever method you find most suitable for yourself. 

1. Making Eevee Your Buddy

If you evolve Eevee it can be transformed into any of the eight forms it has, that is, Sylveon, Espeon, Glaceon, Flareon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Vaporeon, and Umbreon. This makes it a fact that the chances of getting an Umbreon as a result of the Eevee evolution are only 1 in 8. 

So, if you just plan about normally evolving your Eevee without any further considerations, we cannot tell when luck will work in your favor and you will receive an Umbreon. 

However, to increase your chances, we suggest you first make Eevee your buddy and increase your trainer’s friendship level with your Eevee. To make the situation the best, it will be great if you level up your friendship with Eevee at night time. 

You do not need to accumulate Hearts in the case of Umbreon like you have to do for evolving other Pokemon in the game. 

You just have to pick your Eevee to make it your Buddy in the game, and then you will require to walk with it for about ten kilometers. Then you receive ten Eevee candies in the game. Then, when the time for evolution arrives, prefer to do the evolution process during the night which will automatically increase your chances of getting an Umbreon evolution.

If you are wondering why is that we have to do all this at night, then the answer is simple. If you have focused on the fact that Umbreon is a Dark Type Pokemon, you would know the importance of evolving Eevee during the dark. 

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2. Use Eevee Trick

Another thing that will help you be more sure about receiving an Umbreon in exchange for Eevee during the evolution is by using the Eevee nickname trick. For Eevee’s evolution, there are some specific nicknames that are available that help transform Eevee into its particular evolutionary forms. 

In the case of Umbreon, you will need to change the nickname of Eevee to “Tamao” before you go for evolving it. This way, when the time for evolution comes, you will receive an Umbreon. 

Do not forget that this nickname trick can be applied only once for each Eevee. So, if you have already used the trick in an Eeveelution, you will need to choose another Eevee to evolve by using this trick otherwise the trick won’t work. 

Wrap Up

That is how to catch Umbreon in Pokemon Go, otherwise, if you set out to find an Umbreon in the wild in its already evolved form, then, sorry to say, but that is not going to happen. So, no matter what, to get an Umbreon, you will first need to find an Eevee and own it.

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