How To Change Email On An Xbox Account? Easy Ways

There are many reasons to switch the email address of the Xbox account. It might be an old address that you’d like to eliminate and one that’s cluttered with unneeded and spam emails, or you’re looking to consolidate the accounts you have under a single address. 

This article explains How To Change Email On An Xbox Account to make sure you do not miss important messages.

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How To Change Email On An Xbox Account?

Change the email address for the Xbox Live account requires you to update the information for the Microsoft Account. The two services are interconnected as well as Xbox does not have a separate website for it’s own.

Beware, however. If the email address you signed up for is one that is a Microsoft domain, such as,, or the email is deleted forever. disappears. Microsoft does not allow the repeated use of the email addresses you created regardless of whether the address is deleted.

To update your email To change your email address, go to the account on the Microsoft Account Page. If you have forgotten your password go to Microsoft’s forget account or email page and go through these instructions:

  1. Log into the account you have created with your Microsoft Account if not already completed.
  2. Simply click on”Your Info” or click on the “Your Information” navigational link on near the top.
  3. Scroll down the page until the “Account details” section, and then click”Edit account information” on the right. “Edit information on your account” link on the right.
  4. The “Manage the method of logging into Microsoft” page opens. Select “add an email” within the “Account Affiliation” section.
  5. Enter your current “email adress”,” then click on “Add an alias.”
  6. Follow the steps to verify the address you entered.
  7. Simply click on “Make your primary” to make the new email address your primary account email for your account.
  8. Then, you can erase the old email , if you wish in the event that it’s not your primary email. Choose the alias that you wish to erase, then select “Remove.”
  9. Click “Confirm” to finish the process of deletion.
  10. It is now possible to use an email address that you can use for logging into the Xbox account. Xbox account.

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Replacing a Lost Xbox Email Address

For those who have lost their Xbox Sign-in email , or forgot the password used to sign-in and change it, the new password may be different. Xbox Support cannot help you modify the address, and you’ll have to work to login to your account.

There are many ways to identify the email address that you registered with to create the Xbox account. Once you have verified your email address, you can login to your account, modify the password or even add an account alias email.

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Check Alternate Email Accounts to Find Your Primary Xbox Email

If you have used an alternative email to create an additional alias or have another one for confirmation emails be sure to check your old emails. If you receive emails with Microsoft invoice or Xbox Live information could contain information about your main Xbox email address.

Locate Your Primary Xbox Email using Family Group

If your email account is linked to the Family Group, you can ask your family member to sign into the account and search for the email address that is associated to your account.

How to find/view Xbox Account Email on Xbox 360

  1. Utilizing your Xbox console will be able to locate your email address using you “Gamer Tag” or “Gamer ID.” If your email does not show then proceed with “Step 2.”
  2. If your email address isn’t visible, it is likely that you have changed the settings to block the information. Start this Guide using”Xbox”. “Xbox” button.
  3. Choose “Profile.”
  4. Select “Settings.”
  5. Choose “Account.”
  6. Go to “Your Account Information” section and select “Account Security.”
  7. Your account-based Xbox email is displayed in the upper right.

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How to View/Find your Xbox Account E-mail by using Xbox One S/X

  1. The Guide can be opened through pressing the “Xbox” button located in the middle.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Choose “Account.”
  4. Select “Sign-in, security, & passkey.”
  5. Input you “passkey” (if appropriate) by using the numeric pad located to the right side of the screen.
  6. Choose “Change my security and sign-in preferences.”
  7. Your email is displayed in”Show on Home” or the “Show at Home” option located in the middle column of the screen. This is what you’ll utilize to sign in or change your password.

How to View/Find the Xbox Account email with Xbox Series X/S

  1. The Guide can be opened through pressing the “Xbox” button at the middle.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Click on “Account” -“, sign-in screen and password.”
  4. The “Show at Home” section shows your email address.7.

When you have found the primary Xbox email make use of it to login to your Xbox accountrecover your forgotten passwordchange the primary email or create an alternative email.

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Following the Right Steps

If you’re looking to change the email address on the back of your Xbox account, you’ll be able to accomplish this easily if follow the correct steps. If you’ve forgotten your password or email It is a simple process after you sign in to the Xbox account. If not, you must locate a way to access the initial Xbox email address. This involves using different mail messages. Xbox Family Group, Xbox 360, Xbox One X/S and Xbox Series X/S.

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