How To Destroy Anti Aircraft Far Cry 6

Are those enormous cannons obstructing your way to proceed further while flying in Far Cry 6? Then let us tell you how to destroy Anti Aircraft Far Cry 6 so you do not get muchly troubled throughout the lands of Yara.

As we already know, Yara’s landmass is full of Anti Aircraft (AA) guns that take down every aircraft they find around. As such, it becomes tough for the players to pass through this land while flying. The only way is that you take down these firing cannons. 

How to destroy Anti Aircraft Far Cry 6? Answer: You will have to approach the Anti Aircraft guns by car or boat and then hit them using a powerful explosive weapon, probably dynamite. 

This is not all, there is a lot more to know about how you can destroy those Anti-Aircraft guns in Far Cry 6, so, let us know all. 

Why Should You Destroy Anti Aircraft Weapons In Far Cry 6?

As a part of the main story of Libertad Rises, it is necessary for the Far Cry 6 players to destroy the anti-aircraft guns in the no-fly zones of the lands of Yara. Most of the areas under these zones are covered with anti-aircraft guns. 

If you want to destroy the anti-aircraft guns in Far Cry 6, you will first need to identify the places where these weapons are located on the map. 

As the anti-aircraft guns shoot down any kind of aircraft, be it a plane or a helicopter that comes within their radius, it is important that you are aware of where these structures are located so that you can fly freely without the fear of being shot. 

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How To Destroy Anti Aircraft Far Cry 6?

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind as you want to destroy the anti-aircraft weapons is that these cannot be destroyed by your conventional arms or any fire-based weapons you have. You will strictly need to use the explosives such as dynamite to blow them up. 

Here are the three ways that you can choose from if you are up for exploding the anti-aircraft cannons in Far Cry 6:

1. Use the Exterminator supremo and blow off the anti-aircraft guns. 

2. Use rocket launcher rounds or grenades to explode them. 

3. You can also try finding any explosive barrels around the location and shoot them, but they will not be available at every location. 

Among the three methods mentioned above, we highly recommend you use the Exterminator supremo as it will make the task of destroying the anti-aircraft guns much easier. But, you will have to wait for a little while until the supremo is fully charged. So, as you wait, you can look for any explosive barrels around. 

Here are the detailed steps that you can follow to quickly destroy any anti-aircraft guns. 

1. First, fully equip and charge the Exterminator supremo you are going to use. 

2. Then, you have to head to an Airstrip Pickup or a Helipad Pickup and request a vehicle there. 

3. Now fly your aircraft across the map and get it detected by an AA gun. 

4. Just as it is shot down by the gun, jump out of it and land using your parachute. 

5. Now find that Anti aircraft gun that just attacked you on your Map. 

6. Move to that location and destroy that AA gun using the Exterminator supremo. 

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Wrap Up

If you do as we have suggested, it will not take you much time before you destroy those troublesome Anti Aircraft guns all along the way. Share this with your friends how to destroy Anti Aircraft Far Cry 6 so they can also easily get rid of these AA guns in Far Cry 6.

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