How To Earn CP In Call Of Duty | Free CP For COD

Call Of Duty is one of the most popular gaming franchises that is preferred by most gamers worldwide. You can play the game on your consoles and even on your smartphones. But the question widely asked is: How to earn CP in Call of Duty?

To get a better experience of the game, COD allows users to make modifications to their characters and their possessions, like changing outfits or gun skins, and even to get passed to a battle. All this needs to be bought by the in-game currency of COD, called the Call Of Duty Points (CP). 

How do you earn CP in Call Of Duty? The answer is: you can complete several surveys, and take part in giveaways that will get you CP that you can use to buy certain things in COD. 

Let us know in detail about the ways in which you can get yourself the Call Of Duty points to make the required purchases. 

How To Earn CP In Call Of Duty?

There are a few methods that can be used for getting Call Of Duty Points. We shall discuss each of them one by one right here. 

1. Purchase CP From Online Stores

How To Earn CP In Call Of Duty - purchase CP from online stores

If you are willing to pay money for the Call Of Duty Points to use them instantly, then you can purchase them online by paying real money for them.

To purchase CP for Call Of Duty Mobile, open the COD app on your phone, and in the main menu, tap on the plus(+) icon. Now, tap on the purchase you want to make depending upon how many CP you need. 

After this, you can directly make the payment from your account and you will get your CP right at the moment. 

Another great online store for purchasing CP for Call Of Duty is “Codashop”. On Codashop, you will first have to purchase Garena Shells, and you can convert these into CP to use in Call Of Duty. 

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2. Participate In Giveaways

Many people want to know how to get CP in Call Of Duty for free. The best way for this is by just simply participating in certain giveaways. These giveaways let the participants win either CP or other rewards such as gears, operators, or weapon blueprints.

These giveaways are free, so you do not have to worry about your money, all you have to do is try your luck and see what you get. 

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3. By Completing Surveys

How To Earn CP In Call Of Duty - by completing surveys

“Surveys” is another answer for those who are out there asking how to get CP in Call Of Duty mobile for free without verification. You can take part in Google surveys to receive Google Opinion Rewards which include several rewards which might also include money. 

You have to do nothing but complete some simple surveys for Google and Google awards you with money that you can use for purchasing CP for Call Of Duty. 

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4. By Playing Tournaments Or Custom Rooms

How To Earn CP In Call Of Duty - by playing tournaments or custom rooms

Here is yet another way that gets you Call Of Duty Points for free. In the game, itself are certain tournaments and custom rooms that you can join and get your free battle pass giveaways.  

This is especially a great option who want to know how To Earn CP In Call Of Duty: Warzone? If you want to earn Call Of Duty Points in Warzone, you will first need to complete the Warzone Battle Pass which will let you earn some Warzone CP points. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know how you can possibly earn CP in Call of Duty so you can unlock several arenas and accessories for your character in the game. Share this with your friends who are also in need of Call Of Duty Points.

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