How To Evolve Bergmite Legends Arceus?

Do you want to evolve your Bergmite which is weak to the moves from Fire, Steel, Rock, and Fighting Type Pokemon? Sure, you can do that if you know the right procedure to evolve Bergmite in Legends Arceus, so, are you ready to go through this?

To evolve Bergmite in Legends Arceus, you need to first catch a Bergmite and reach level 37 in the game to be able to make the evolution happen. You can evolve it through the Pasture or Satchel menus in the game. Keep reading if you want to understand in detail this whole evolution process from the base and also know about where you will find this Bergmite. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the latest Pokemon Game released in 2022 for Nintendo players where the whole gameplay revolves around a single city. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get a lot of Pokemon to see here. There is definitely a great range of about 242 different Pokemon in the game at present and many new Pokemon will soon make their debut in the game. 

However, unless that happens, you can obviously get your existing Pokemon evolved to see more variety in Pokemon Legends Arceus just like evolving Bergmite into Avalugg for the time being. 

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How To Evolve Bergmite Legends Arceus?

Before being able to evolve a Bergmite in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you need to catch one. As Bergmite is a glacial Pokemon, you will need to head to the Hisui region in the frigid area of Alabaster Icelands where you will find it. 

To reach this area, you can use a mount in the game and then search the Arena’s Approach or Avalugg’s legacy. Sometimes, you can even get an already evolved version of Bergmite, which is an Avalugg, and that will be great luck for you if this happens to you, because both Bergmite and Avalugg spawn at a good rate in this area. 

However, for now, let us just focus on the Bergmite Pokemon that we basically want to evolve because we cannot depend on getting a readymade Avalugg, right?

So, remember that the Bergmite that you will find in this area will probably be level 30 or more, so you will also require to prepare your team accordingly so that you can catch it and don’t miss your chance. 

It would be great if you use some great Rock, Fighting, Fire, or Steel Type moves against it because this Pokemon is quite vulnerable to all such attacks. And, do not, even by mistake, choose any Ice Type attack against a Bergmite because that is going to be of no use. 

You can also use berries to distract this Pokemon and then throw your Poke Balls to catch it successfully. 

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Once this Pokemon Bergmite is in your hands, you will need to reach level 37 in the game only after which you will be allowed to evolve this Pokemon and get a Hisuian Avalugg. 

If you don’t know how to increase your Pokemon’s level in the game, you just need to do a couple of things for this. For instance, use your Bergmite in the battles you take part in. plus, feed the EXP candies to your Bergmite so that its experience increases. Feeding a rare candy will increase the level of your Bergmite directly by one. 

So, once you have advanced in the game and reached the 37th level in the game, you can use your Satchel or the Pasture menus to manually evolve your Bergmite. 

Remember that in this game, Bergmite is evolved only manually, you cannot expect it to evolve itself when you meet the requirement as it happens in the previous Pokemon Games you have played. So, don’t waste your time waiting for the Bergmite to evolve itself automatically. 

Wrap Up

This was all you need to do in your process of evolving Bergmite in Legends Arceus and we hope that you will not find any kind of difficulty in this. Now tell us in the comments section which is the next Pokemon you wish to evolve in Pokemon Legends Arceus and we will come up with a guide on that very soon.

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