How To Evolve Combee Pokemon Go?

Do you want the queen of Combee’s hive who gives birth to several Combee grubs and raises them as well as makes honey by feeding on flowers? This is about Vespiquen that you can get if you evolve Combee in Pokemon Go. So, if you are ready to know about this, we are also ready to tell you all we know regarding this evolution. 

To evolve Combee in Pokemon Go, you need to first get a female Combee for yourself. Once you have one, you have to make it your buddy Pokemon in the game and collect 50 Combee candies along with it. Once you have the candies, you can press the evolve button and your Combee will get evolved into a Vespiquen. Keep reading to understand the process in detail. 

In Pokemon Go, there are different types of exciting species of Pokemon that can either be caught or evolved, and both ways are good for the gameplay to advance further in the game. For instance, if you want a Vespiquen, it can be obtained only by evolving a Combee in the game. 

If you are still confused about evolving Combee into a Vespiquen in Pokemon Go, or if you are unable to evolve it, all your queries will be answered here. 

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Why Is My Combee Not Evolving In Pokemon Go?

Many players have complained that they were ready with all the preparations required for Combee’s evolution, however, when the time came, they didn’t find the Evolution option for their Combee. Has this happened to you too? 

Well, the only reason why you are unable to get the evolution prompt for your Combee is that you have got a male, Combee. 

Yes, in Pokemon Go, there are two kinds of Combee, one is male while the other is female, and only the female Combee can be evolved into a Vespiquen while a male one cannot. We know this is sort of discrimination against players, but that’s how it works. 

So, first, you need to make sure that the Combee you are evolving is a Female. To check the gender of your Combee, you can go to its Information page where you will find its gender symbol next to the health bar of the Combee. 

Moreover, you can also distinguish a male Combee from a Female through their appearance. If it is a female Combee, it would have a large red triangle on its bottom face while the male version won’t have one. 

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How To Evolve Combee Pokemon Go?

So, for making the evolution of a Combee possible, you will need to possess a female Combee. 

Once you have found a female Combee, you need to make it your buddy and then collect 50 Combee Candies for the same Combee. You can collect these candies by walking with your buddy Combee, or using your Combee during several battles, and also through the completion of certain research tasks. Using Pinap Berries when you face an encounter with a Combee will also increase the number of Combee candies you get and it will subsequently quicken your pace of collecting these candies. 

After you have obtained all the 50 Combee candies, you are ready to go for the evolution process. For this, you need to head to the map view of your game and open the main menu. Now, tap on Pokemon and choose the Combee you want to evolve from the list of the Pokemon you have. 

Then, the Pokemon Summary of your Combee will display on the screen along with which you will also find the Evolve Button over there. Just tap on the evolve button and your Combee will be evolved into the Queen of Combees, the ultimate Vespiquen. 

Wrap Up

Having a Vespiquen is certainly not that beneficial for the players to use in the PvP battles, however, you will need to get this Pokemon if you want to complete your Pokedex, after all, evolving a Combee in Pokemon Go is not that difficult of a task. If there is any other Pokemon you have and now wish to evolve, you can share it with us in the comments so that we can let you know its evolution procedure.

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