How To Evolve Cosmog In Pokemon Go?

After catching any Pokemon, what initially enters your mind? Obviously, it’s evolution. The same goes with the Pokemon Cosmog. Yes, the moment trainers unlock Cosmog for the first time, they will immediately consider evolving it. In Pokemon Go, Cosmeom may be obtained by only evolving Cosmog.

Evolution plays an important role in increasing the capabilities and features of Pokemon. Because the evolution form of the Pokemon is much more powerful than its original form. Each Pokemon has its own way of evolution. Some are evolved through candies, research tasks, or battling with other Pokemon. Evolving Cosmog in Pokemon Go also requires a different method.

With 25 Cosmog Candies, Trainers are able to evolve Cosmog into Cosmeom. For getting 25 Cosmog Candy, you have to complete “A Cosmic Companion” Special Research task.

For knowing more about its evolution and this special research task, you have to read out the full article where we have mentioned everything about its evolution with the right knowledge.

How To Evolve Cosmog In Pokemon Go?

Cosmog has had a total of three evolutions, with the third evolution having two separate iterations. Firstly Cosmog evolves into Cosmeom, then into Solgaleo, and then into Lunala. You can get Cosmog to evolve into Cosmeom in Pokemon Go, but you can’t get it to evolve into any other forms right now. 

You must capture a Cosmog for yourself before you can evolve it. Fortunately, you will have the chance to do so throughout the Season of Light, but you will first need to finish some of the in-game research objectives.

After catching Cosmog, players should be able to evolve Cosmog into Cosmeom with enough candy (25 Cosmog Candy). You will be able to get the Cosmog candies by completing “A Cosmic Companion” Special Research Task.

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How To Complete “A Cosmic Companion” Special Task For Cosmog Evolution?

A Cosmic Companion contains three parts. You have to complete these three parts to accomplish this task. These are the parts of this Special Research Task.

Ist Part

  • Catch 15 Pokemon (5 Razz Berries)
  • Make 10 Curveball Throws (Staryu Encounter)
  • Catch 15 Psychic-Type Pokemon (5 Pinap Berries)

After completing this Ist part, you will be rewarded with Cosmog Encounter, 1000 XP, and 500 Stardust.

2nd Part

  • Catch 15 Psychic-Type Pokemon (Munna Encounter)
  • Earn 10 Candies walking with your buddy (Staryu Encounter)
  • Give your Buddy 3 treats (Woobat Encounter)

After completing this 2nd Part, you will get a reward of 1 Poffin, 2000 XP, 500 Stardust

3rd Part

  • Earn 15 Hearts with your Buddy (Ralts Encounter)
  • Send 10 Gifts to Friends (Staryu Encounter)
  • Catch 20 different species of Pokemon (25 Pokeballs)

After completing this 3rd Part, you will be rewarded with 5 Pinap Berries, 3000 XP, and 1000 Stardust.

The reward for completing “A Cosmic Companion” Special Research, which consists of 25 Cosmog candies, 3000 XP, and 1000 Stardust, will be awarded to you until you complete all three parts. 

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You can evolve Cosmog into Cosmeom with those 25 Cosmog candies, but it is currently the last evolution available in Pokemon Go. You will most likely have a focus on completing the “A Cosmic Companion” task right now if you need Cosmeom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cosmog found in Pokemon Go?

If you are playing Pokemon Sun, head to the Lake of the Sunne, and if you are playing Pokemon Moon, head to the Lake of the Moone. Once you arrive, a Cosmog will appear in a cutscene. 

Which is better, Lunala or Solgaleo?

While Solgaleo is superior physically, Lunala excels in the areas of special attack and special bulk. They both have excellent Base Stat Totals, proving their parity.

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