How To Evolve Metang In Pokemon Go?

Did you get your Steel and Psychic Type Pokemon, Metang from the Hoenn region? Or did you evolve it from Beldum with 25 candies? Whatever the way was if you want to further evolve Metang, there is only one way to do so, then, shall we check out how to evolve Metang in Pokemon Go? 

Most of the Pokemon species available in Pokemon Go can be evolved through certain methods. Evolving our Pokemon is also another important aspect of this game because that allows the players to advance in the game and obtain the more powerful and improvised versions of their weak Pokemon. In the same manner, Metang can also be evolved in Pokemon Go. 

To evolve Metang in Pokemon Go, you need to first catch a Metang and make it your buddy, after which you will have to collect about 100 Beldum candies which you will need to evolve into a Metagross. Now you must be thinking about how to get 100 Beldum candies, but don’t worry, as you keep reading, you will find that out. 

Let us now know in detail the entire process of evolving a Metang in Pokemon Go so that you do not find any kind of trouble while doing so. 

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How To Evolve Metang In Pokemon Go?

Collecting just 25 Beldum candies to evolve a Beldum into Metang is not that hard of a task, but when the same number increases to 100 so that you can evolve your Metang further into a Metagross, the players get tensed up thinking of how to get this much of candies quickly. 

There is another way that you will not have to collect these many candies, which is by directly catching a Metagross by finding it in the wild which is too rare to happen with you. The only choice left with you apart from this is to evolve your Metang if you really want to have a Metagross added to your Pokedex. 

So, the first thing you need to do for this evolution process is to get a Metang. You can have this Pokemon either directly by catching it in the wild, or you can also evolve a Beldum if you have one. 

Once you have your own Metang, you need to make this Pokemon your Buddy in the game. After that, you can just simply start walking with your buddy Metang. Walking along with your buddy gets you rewarded with the respective candies at every fixed interval of time. 

However, if you are thinking to collect all the 100 Beldum candies by just walking with your buddy Metang, then that is not going to happen. 

You might be aware that you will also receive Beldum candies when you catch a Beldum during an encounter in the game. 

And, if you feed Pinap Berry to the Beldum you are about to catch, the number of Beldum candies that you will receive after your next catch will ultimately double which will quicken your pace of collecting 100 Beldum candies for the evolution to take place. 

You can also take part in several research tasks where you get rewarded with rare candy which you can turn into any specific type of candy, be it a Beldum candy or any other. 

Using all these methods, when you finally get all the 100 Beldum candies, you can go ahead with the evolution. 

Now, head to the map view of your game and open the main menu from there. Then tap on Pokemon. A list of Pokemon that you possess will be displayed on the screen, choose the Metang you have collected the candies for, and then tap on the Evolve button that you will find on your Pokemon’s summary. 

As soon as you do this, your buddy Metang will be evolved into a Metagross provided that you had collected exactly 100 candies for the same Pokemon. 

Wrap Up

This was the simple method by which you can evolve Metang into Metagross in Pokemon Go. We know that collecting 100 candies is a time-consuming task, but if you go for all the possible ways of collecting candies rather than just sticking on one, it will not take you too long to have your evolved Metang.

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