How To Evolve Type Null In Pokemon Sword & Shield?

Just finding Legendary Pokemon isn’t enough in the game. Keep this in mind if you have any Legendary Pokemon with you. You can improve its features and get its stronger version by just evolving it into another Pokemon. Just like we will do now with Type: Null Pokemon from Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Type: Null is a man-made legendary type pokemon that can be evolved into Silvally, an amazing Pokemon that gives versatility to any squad and helps round out the Dex. Here’s how you can get Silvally.

You can simply evolve Type: Null into Silvally by increasing its friendship level with you. To do this, you have also been given some methods which are discussed later in the article.

Similar to its ancestor, Silvally is a Normal-type Pokemon but with unique features. Depending on the memories it has, it develops the ability to change types. This adaptable skill is helpful while facing a range of foes. 

After getting to know its so many features, having it in your team must be a need for you now. If you want to obtain it, then the way to do so is by evolving Type: Null Pokemon whose procedure will be discussed with you in this article.

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Where You Can Find Type Null?

Null is present in postgame information, which is clarified by Twinfite (A gaming website). Like other Pokemon, Type: Null is not found in the wild.

The player can only receive Type: Null from an NPC. You will have access to Wydon’s Battle Tower if you have completed the game. A character is present next to this pokemon in the lobby of the Battle Tower, on the left side. You can get your own by speaking to that person and he/she will give Type: Null to you as a reward for your achievement.

How To Evolve Type Null In Pokemon Sword?

Catching Type: Null is the easiest part of the game, but evolving it is a slow and long process. In Pokemon sword & shield, you can evolve Type: Null into Silvally by simply raising its friendship level. When the friendliness rating reached 220 or higher, the Pokemon is inclined to evolve. 

Evolving Pokemon requires only this step, but the time-consuming step is to increase the friendship with a Pokemon in a game. To do so also requires some tips.

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How Can You Increase The Friendship Level Of Type Null In Pokemon Sword?

In the game, these are some methods to raise your friendship level with a Pokemon:

  • Pokemon Camp: Play games with your group and make curry for your pokemon to win them over quickly. Focus on creating curries that notably increase the amount the friendship. Depending on the rank you achieved in making curries, your friendship should be strong.
  • Berries: Berries like Qualot, Pomeg, Hondew, Tomato, Kelpsy, and Grepa when fed to your Pokemon, help you in increasing the friendship level. Some of these berries, nevertheless, harm the pokemon’s health points (HP).
  • Battle: A Pokemon’s friendship level will rise if it is used in battle.
  • Soothe Bell: Friendship is immediately acquired by a Pokemon carrying a Soothe Bell. Giving this object to your Type: Null will undoubtedly hasten the evolution process.


At last: locate Type: Null in Pokemon Sword & Shield at the Battle Tower in Wyndon. Simply raise your friendship level with the Pokemon to evolve it into Silvally. We have given you the idea of how to increase your friendship level with your Pokemon, from which Pokemon Camp is the fastest way to do so. Have fun with your Silvally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Type Null Pokemon has a shiny version?

Type: Null may have been shiny, but the one found in Sword and Shield is unexpectedly shiny-locked.

Who is more powerful? Arceus or Silvally.

Silvally must use memory tapes but Arceus has immunity to EVERY Type and is EVERY Type at once. So, if we see it from a gaming point of view, Arceus is more powerful than Silvally.

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