How To Feed Pelicans Far Cry 6 – Step 2 Of Shock Therapy

To accomplish the Yaran Story Shock Therapy, you will need to know how to feed pelicans Far Cry 6, only after which you will attain inner peace and calm because it is really calming as one feeds those pelicans.

Far Cry 6 is a popular FPS game set in the open world, where you will find both action and adventure in abundance as you set off for your journey through lands, waters, as well as in the air. There are certain tasks that need to be completed, and you surely will require a guide for that, or else you would be confused.

How to feed pelicans Far Cry 6? Answer: First, go to the East Coast of La Joya at the Pelican hunting spot and wait until a pelican lands. Approach it slowly through the bushes without scaring them away and then feed the pelican using the activation key. 

We guess this much is not enough, you must be looking for a detailed answer on how to feed pelicans in Far Cry 6, so here we go with the step-wise explanation to complete this task. 

How To Find Pelicans Far Cry 6?

Once you are done with the first step, which is to catch the three fish, you will be required to find the pelicans in the game and feed them.

To be able to feed the pelicans in Far Cry 6, you will first need to find where they are at. Remember that there are quite a few chances that pelicans will appear around the location where Dani was given the task by Dr.Dablos. So it is better that you try and look for that place. 

You cannot keep waiting there all along, so you may just keep going there and returning in some time using the fast travel feature. 

Moreover, there is a pelican hunting spot on the eastern side of the map, so you can also head there, to La Joya’s Eastern Coast. However, they will be found flying most of the time and will rarely land. So, you will just have to wait for one to land on the ground. 

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How To Feed Pelicans Far Cry 6?

Once you have found a pelican that landed, you have to first keep in mind not to do anything that scares it away. So, just be patient and as quiet as possible. 

Slowly, approach the pelican while crouching on your knees and passing through the bushes around you until to reach close to it. Even if you are unable to see it from the bushes, you can use their unique voice to track and locate them. 

When you will reach close enough to the pelican, the game will automatically prompt up the option to feed that pelican. So, just use the activation key and feed that pelican. 

That’s it, your simple task to feed the pelicans in Far Cry 6 would be accomplished after which you can go ahead to the third step of your Shock Therapy which would be to go to the top of the Eagle’s nest and meditate there. 

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Wrap Up

This was how to feed pelicans Far Cry 6. It won’t take you much effort to finish this task if you smartly approach it and know the right locations to search for the pelicans, or else you will just have to keep waiting for a pelican to show up. 

What Is Shock Therapy Far Cry 6?

Dr. Yanny Dablos believes that your character Dani’s chakra is badly out of balance due to the happenings throughout the journey including fights and killings, so, to attain inner peace and balance of chakra, Dani will have to do this shock therapy that constitutes of some tasks. 

How To Meditate Far Cry 6?

Once you reach the top of the Eagle’s nest, just stand upright as still as possible. As you will be in the right position, the timer will start counting down for 30 seconds after which the meditation will be done. Remember that you cannot crouch there for meditation, so you only get to stand to complete this task.

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