How to find F&I Jobs 2022

Finding finance and insurance jobs can be a daunting task for those looking for a career change. However, finding the perfect fit for your skills and interests can be fun and rewarding with the right resources and techniques. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to find finance and insurance manager jobs. The following information comes from years of experience in preparing individuals for F&I jobs. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Be ready

If you are looking for a new F&I job, it is important to have your documents and resume ready. It can be hard to find the right position when you first start looking, so make sure you are prepared with everything you need. Keep these key things in mind: 

  • Make sure your resume is updated and showcases all of your experience in F&I. 
  • Keep all of your documentation up-to-date, such as licenses and registrations. 
  • Be prepared to answer any questions that may be asked during the interview process.

Social media

There are many dealerships that post about hiring employees on social media. Facebook is the most popular platform, with Twitter coming in second. Both offer opportunities to find F&I jobs. Keyword searches can lead to many posts from different dealerships. 

The best way to find a specific job opening is to search by company name or location. Dealers also post frequently about other things, such as promotions and events.

Job Websites

You can find many F&I job opportunities on various job-finding websites. In fact, there are so many F&I jobs available that it can be hard to decide where to start your search. There are many positions available in this field, so make sure to specify your preferences when searching for listings. 

Next, use the available online tools to help you refine your search even further. For example, some websites allow users to submit their resumes directly to employers. This is a great way to get your resume seen by potential employers quickly and easily.

Found A Job? Here’s What To Do:

Be on time

Arrive early enough to take a quick walk around the office or building to get a feel for the layout and see if there are any places where you might need to go during the interview. Be respectful of the time set for the interview. 

Don’t be late just because you’re anxious or impatient. If something unexpected comes up and you have to reschedule, let the interviewer know as soon as possible so that someone else can be interviewed instead.

Wear Formal 

When you go to your job interview, wear formal clothing. This means a shirt and trousers that are clean and pressed. You should also wear a tie if you have one and dress shoes. Make sure that your hair is styled correctly and that you are well-groomed. When you arrive at the interview, take a few minutes to relax before beginning. Be sure to answer any questions the interviewer asks in a clear, concise manner.

Be Professional 

One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is not being professional in their interviews. An excellent way to avoid making this mistake is to keep a few key things in mind. First and foremost, always be on your best behavior. 

This means appearing polished, organized, and well-versed in the company’s culture. Secondly, make sure you answer all questions confidently and unambiguously. Do not hesitate to clarify any points that may be unclear or open up more questions for the interviewer. 

Finally, be aware of your body language and how it communicates with the interviewer. Make sure you sit up straight and avoid crossing your arms or legs uncomfortably.

Don’t Over Talk 

Don’t over-talk during your job interview. This can come across as arrogant or egotistical and will not make you look good in the eyes of your potential employer. Speak slowly, clearly, and concisely, and avoid making any assumptions about the interviewer’s knowledge or intelligence. Let them do most of the talking.


We hope that this article has helped you learn how to find F&I jobs. If you are still having difficulty finding a job, we recommend seeking out career centers or online resources. Finally, keep your resume updated and research new opportunities as they arise.

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