How To Fix Outdated Server On Minecraft Xbox 2022

A lot of Minecraft players have been complaining about the Outdated Server error while they are joining the Minecraft Server on their Xbox. We looked into the issue and found out how to fix Outdated Server on Minecraft Xbox and other devices. 

How to fix Outdated Server on Minecraft Xbox? – You must first make sure you are using a compatible version of Minecraft, also keep the game and the Realm version updated. There can also be chances that the server version of the game is outdated on your Xbox so you need to update that as well. Plus, you and your friends must leave the Beta program if you are a part of it. 

We guess you must still be confused about how exactly you are going to fix these issues, but don’t worry, as long as we are here, you will be able to get rid of the Outdated Server error displayed in Minecraft. 

How To Fix Outdated Server On Minecraft Xbox?

How To Fix Outdated Server On Minecraft Xbox?

Now we shall find out how to fix outdated server on Minecraft Xbox. Before being able to fix the Outdated Server error appearing on your Minecraft Xbox, you first need to know all the possible causes that can lead to the occurrence of this error. 

Here are the main factors that will lead you to the Outdated Server error on Minecraft. 

1. You might not be using a compatible version of Minecraft on your Xbox.

2. You might not have updated the Realm version for Minecraft. 

3. The server version on your Xbox might be outdated. 

4. You or any of your friends might be a Beta insider in the Xbox insider Hub. 

5. There must be an important update skipped while you installed Minecraft. 

Well, no matter what the cause of that error is, you will be able to get through the issue using the methods we are going to explain to you. 

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1. By Updating The Minecraft Application Version

The first thing that you will need to do if you do not want the Outdated Server error is by changing the current version of Minecraft on your Xbox to the latest one. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow to update your Xbox Minecraft version. 

1. Open the Minecraft launcher on your Xbox. 

2. Now click on the Installations menu. 

3. Here, select the option “New Installation” and then click on “Version”.

4. You will see a list of versions available, of which you have to choose the version the same as the server that you want to join. 

5. As you choose the version, click on the “Create” button. 

All is done, now just go ahead and launch the game on your Xbox and you will not see the Outdated Server error over there again unless there is some other reason causing the trouble. 

2. By Updating The Realm Version

Another thing that you need to check is if you are using the Realm version on your Xbox, which you would have to replace with the Downloaded version so that the Outdated Server error goes away. 

To update the Realm Version of Minecraft to the Downloaded version, you will need to follow the steps that have been mentioned right below. 

1. First, click on Play on your Xbox and choose the Realm that you want to download. 

2. Now, click on the “Edit World” option and select “Download World”. 

3. Next, you have to select the Realm you want to replace the previous one with. 

4. Then click on Edit World and then click on the “Replace World” button.

5. Now you have to choose a world that you wish to load to your selected Realm server. 

As the replacement process is done, launch your Minecraft game and see if the error is still there. It would probably have gone as you do this. 

3. By Making Sure None Of Your Friends Is Using The Beta Version

As you will be playing the game along with your friends, it is important that you make sure that all the players along with you are using exactly the same version of the game. 

If a single player among you is using the Beta version, then he will not be able to play the game and will have to un-enroll from the Beta and reinstall the game. 

Here are the steps that need to be followed to get rid of the Beta version of Minecraft. 

1. Move to the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox. 

2. Now, here you have to access the Insider Content. 

3. Select Minecraft, and click on the Manage button. 

4. Now, click on the Unenroll button to exit Beta.

5. Once you have been unenrolled from Beta, go to the search bar. 

6. Search Minecraft and click on the Uninstall button. 

7. Now, reinstall the application and launch it. 

This time, when you join the server, you will not see the Outdated Server error there. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know how to fix an outdated server on Minecraft Xbox. Always remember that players who are not using the same version of the game as the server does, won’t be able to play the game. Keep these points in mind and fix them so you do not see that error again when you want to play the game on your Xbox.

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