How To Fix Screen Tearing In VRChat?

After resolving lag, and FPS issues in the online VRChat game, now just be ready to fix the screen tearing issue in VRChat. Apart from these problems, some users also face issues with the platform screen on which they are playing the game. Mostly whenever they play this game on any platform, most of the time they got stuck with the screen tearing issue, no matter whether the platform is PC or Oculus Quest. Don’t worry, now with this article your screen tearing issue is about to fix. 

As its name suggests, screen tearing means a problem occurs with your gaming platform screen. This occurs when the refresh rate of your monitor and the frame rate of your GPU is not in a synchronized form because of which you are not able to see the graphics properly on your screen that can spoil your mood as virtual gaming is all about high FPS, great screen quality, and high visuals. So, don’t compromise on these things if you are planning to play VRChat.

To fix Screen Tearing in VRChat, we have general 6 steps for you which include Nvidia G-SYNC Control Panel, Nvidia Adaptive VSync, By adjusting your monitor’s refresh rate, Disabling Game-Mode and Full-Screen Optimization mode, or turning off the frame limit.

To get a detailed explanation of these steps, don’t stop reading the article as all this will be explained clearly and briefly in the article.

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How To Fix Screen Tearing In VRChat?

Most of the time it happens with you guys that you and your friend are experiencing screen tearing in your platform which is definitely annoying for you all. So, here are some fixes for you to resolve your problem.

Fix 1 By Checking Nvidia G-SYNC Control Panel

The first and most important fix is to set your G-SYNC. G-SYNC is only effective up to the maximum refresh rate of the monitor. To completely eliminate screen tearing, use it in conjunction with fast sync or make a limit to your FPS up to a few frames below the refresh rate of your monitor. 

Fix 2 By Checking Nvidia Adaptive VSync

If your FPS frequently drops below your monitor’s refresh rate but you want to avoid screen tearing, then VSync is the best option for you. While enabling VSync you can drop your display to 59FPS on 60Hz. In order to keep your things synchronized, you can half your frame rate to 30FPS. This will definitely stop the screen from tearing.

Fix 3 Adjusting Your Monitor’s Refresh Rate

The screen tearing problem is with your monitor’s screen. So, to fix this you need to adjust your monitor’s refresh rate to 144Hz and restart your vrc to see if the problem resolves or not. 

Below are the steps to fix the refresh rate of the monitor.

  • To open the search application, Press Windows+S. Type “resolution” and launch the application.
  • In settings select “Advanced display settings”
  • On another window, select the “Display Adapter Properties For Display 1”
  • After that, your hardware properties appear. You need to click “List All Modes”  from the tab “Adapter”
  • On another page, you will get a list of different types of resolutions. You can change them according to your choice or requirement, and last, you just need to click “OK” to save it. 
  • Restart your computer and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

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Fix 4 Disabling Game-Mode

This is the mode that allows the players to play the game smoothly on any platform. Most of the players are complaining that this mode can cause screen tearing to their game. If that’s the case then you need to disable it to fix screen tearing. 

Steps to disable the Game-Mode 

  • Press Windows+S, type “settings” and launch the application
  • In settings, select the option “gaming”
  • From the navigation bar, select the Game bar and turn this option off “Record screenshots, game clips, and broadcast using game bar”. 
  • Click Broadcasting and disable the option “Record audio when I broadcast”
  • After done with these steps, restart your device and again launch the application and check whether the issue is fixed or not. 

Fix 5 Disable Full-Screen Optimization

You can also disable the Full-Screen optimization mode to fix the screen tearing issue. That’s how it is done.

  • Click “Properties” of the game
  • Check Disable Full Screen Optimization under compatibility
  • Click Apply to save the changes and make an exit from the settings
  • Restart the device and check whether the issue is solved or not.

Fix 6 Turning Off Frame Limit

The frame limit feature is available in a variety of games like VRChat. This option can increase the maximum frame rate. This is a very useful feature if you have low-spec hardware, but it is known to cause screen tearing most of the time. So, it is recommended to turn the frame limit off to fix the issue. Do not forget to restart the computer and gain launching the game to check if the issue is resolved or not. 

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Screen tearing or any kind of issue is annoying if you are in the mood of playing VRChat. So, to continue with your enjoyment, these issues need to be fixed quickly which is guided to you in this article. If you or any of your friend is dealing with this screen-tearing issue in VRChat, then you can solve it on your own by following the above steps.

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