How To Get A Lot Of Stardust In Pokemon Go? 5 Great Ways

You must have heard of an item named Stardust in Pokemon Go many times. If you are aware that it is necessary for evolving as well as powering up certain Pokemon in the game, you must definitely wish to know how to get a lot of Stardust in Pokemon Go. So, today we shall learn all the possible methods for the same. 

To get a lot of Stardust in Pokemon Go, catch as many Pokemon as you can and evolve them, and also hatch all the eggs you find. You must also open your daily gifts. Battling with Team Go Rocket and completing field research tasks also get you a great amount of Stardust. Do you know you can also increase the amount of Stardust you receive by 50%? You will find out how if you keep reading. 

In Pokemon Go, it is necessary to evolve as well as power up the Pokemon you capture to make them stronger than before so that they can be ready for any kind of raid battle. While there are several ways of doing that, one most important component, in this case, is Stardust. 

If you have already captured a number of Pokemon and now want to evolve each of them, then you must see how you can collect a good amount of Stardust. 

How To Get A Lot Of Stardust In Pokemon Go?

There are a number of ways that you can opt if you want to collect Stardust in Pokemon Go. Let us discuss each of them one by one. 

1. By Catching a Large Number Of Pokemon

Even if you get a regular Pokemon in the game, you are rewarded with 100 Stardust for each of them. Plus, every time a Pokemon of yours goes through a second evolution, you receive 300 Stardust, while you can get 500 Stardust for the final evolution. 

On the first catch of Pokemon in a day, the players receive an extra bonus of 600 Stardust and if the streak of collecting Pokemon is maintained throughout the week, you can also get a bonus of 1800 Stardust. 

2. By Hatching As Many Eggs As Possible

There are several types of eggs in Pokemon Go and hatching each of them provides you with Stardust of varying ranges. For instance, you get 400 to 800 Stardust for hatching a 2 Km egg, 600 to 1600 Stardust for a 5 Km egg, 800 to 1600 Stardust for a 7 Km egg, 1600 to 3200 Stardust for a 10 Km egg, and 3200 to 6400 Stardust for a 12 Km egg.  

So, you can see here how much Stardust you can collect by simply hatching the eggs. You can also speed up the hatching process with the help of incubators. 

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3. By Opening Your Daily Gifts

You must know that you receive gifts on a daily basis in the game and if you open them regularly you can receive free Stardust anywhere between 100 and 300. 

4. By Battling Team Go Rocket

If you have reached at least level 8 in Pokemon Go, then you have another option unlocked for collecting more Stardust. If you battle the Team Go Grunts and win the battle, you can get 500 Stardust directly and if you beat the leaders in the battle, then you receive 1000 Stardust which is a handsome amount. 

5. By Completing Field Research Tasks

There are several field research tasks you will find throughout the game and on completion of these tasks, you can be rewarded with up to 4000 Stardust. In fact, if you accomplish any Special Research Task, you can even earn up to 10000 Stardust directly. 

How To Increase The Amount Of Stardust You Get In Pokemon Go?

If you want to multiply the amount of Stardust you receive through any of the methods mentioned above by 50%, you can purchase Star Pieces which are available at the Poke Shops and your Stardust amount received will get multiplied for the next 30 minutes right after the purchase. 

Wrap Up

If you follow all the methods that we have mentioned, you will easily be able to collect a lot of Stardust which will be more than enough for you to power up as many Pokemon as you want.

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