How To Get All Armored Core 6 Hidden Parts?

If you are also an armored core player and wish to know about the location of all armoire core 6 hidden parts, you have come to the right place. 

For your information, there are nearly 19 parts located on AC6 and most of them are hidden in the game, here, we focus on taking you guys to those hidden locations. 

So, let’s begin with today’s guide on how to get all Armored Core 6 hidden parts on your own. 

 Things You Should Know About AC6

AC6 gives you the customization system feature to create your own personal and custom-made weapon. 

In this way, you can unlock mech parts by playing all the levels of the game, but in this game, there are some hidden ones. 

Under this Armoured Core 6 game, you will get to see many hidden parts which are divided into 41 missions and 5 chapters. 

In each mission and chapter, you will be able to receive rewards or weapon parts, if you find them on your own. 

All The Armored Core 6 Hidden Parts

If you want all those hidden parts and want to use them to create a customized weapon for yourself, then you need to pay attention to the information guide provided. 

You will find these first four parts in chapter 2 of “Infiltrate Grid 086” in mission number 12. 

1. AC-3000: WRECKER Arms

You need to go back to the smelting furnace and after that move towards the pipe right in the neighborhood of the furnace. 

Now, as you follow the path inside that pipe, later on, you must drop down the hole, and move forward to find the container of the same arms. 

2. CC-3000: WRECKER Core

For this, you must go through the large smelting furnace room and going into the next room, go behind the furnace so you reach the container. 

3. 2C-3000: WRECKER Legs

Here, before reaching the target of ‘Annihilate enemy MT squad’, you should seek the open area from where you need to take off to the second highest zone. From there, go to the train tracks and move on them till the end you find the AC6 hidden parts containers. 

4. HC-3000: WRECKER Head

Making your aim with ‘Reach center of Grid 086’s lower level’, you need to drop down that turn-up hole inside the small room of a couple of mechs. To get the container, you need to look at the back corner of the room. 

5. IA-C01G: AORTA Generator

This hidden part will be found in mission number 19, in chapter 3 of ‘Survey the Uninhabited Floating City’. To get this weapon, put an end to the very first goal by following the beacon of red color. 

After this, you will find the AC6 hidden parts container near the goal number second, at the building’s top side. 

 6. IA-C01W1: NEBULA Plasma Rifle

Likewise, the 4th hidden part, the mission of this hidden part is the same and this is of chapter 3, ‘Tunnel Sabotage’. You will receive the message regarding the PCA squad by entering the long tunnel. 

As you fly high to the top of the pipes, you would notice a room, full of foes. Now, you will notice a large number of platforms on the wall. 

And there on the top, you must see a sniper mech, and after finding the one, jump up by passing the sniper, and flying high above the wall. 

To get the hidden part, you have to jump behind the room and there you will find your container of hidden parts. 

 7. BC-0600: 12345 Booster

To get this hidden part, you must enter mission number 24 of chapter 3, “Eliminate ‘Honest’ Brute”. Here, first of all, drop down the turntable platform from the DOUBLE TROUBLE chest. 

Now, Brute will contact you and move by opposing the goal to the corner of the platform, where you will find your AC6 hidden parts container. 

 8. WB-0000: BAD COOK Flamethrower 

The mission and the chapter for this hidden part are the same as the hidden part 7. Reach out the zone, where all your enemies are safe by the barrier of the green dome. 

Now, move towards that particular framework and then, jump into the room with your red lasers. Look at the right side of yourself, you will find the AC6 hidden part container. 

9. WB-0010: DOUBLE TROUBLE Chainsaw 

This hidden part also matches the hidden parts 7 & 8. Look around yourself, you will find a way, showing you the bunch of pillars that are broken. 

Move towards that way and after taking the northwest direction, seek the most left platform, you need to land down on it. 

Now, you find a trap of red lasers and inside that, you will have your hidden part container of AC6. 

10. IA-C01L EPHEMERA Legs 

Here comes, chapter 4, ‘Underground Exploration-Depth1’ with mission number 28 to achieve the hidden part. Firstly, you must drop down the shaft and then, seek for the access point. 

There you must enter a room to get the container of AC6 hidden parts, right before reaching the access point. 

11. IA-C01B: GILLS Booster 

The chapter for this hidden part is similar to the 10th one and the mission number is 29. In the very first step, you need to lose the G5 Iguazu Armored Core boss, and then move towards the long tunnel. 

You may be shot by a blue laser and at that time take a look at your right side, you will notice two mechs inside a small room. You will also find the container in the same room. 

12. IA-CO1W2: MOONLIGHT Blade Arm Weapon 

This is the last mission 34 and chapter 4, ‘Reach the Coral Convergence’ for the last hidden part of AC6. 

Firstly, fly high by passing a cliff near the highway in the northwest direction. Moving towards the west direction, stop when you see a broken road along with the large bridge on the right side of the broken road. 

Now, jump and combat with the six-wheel-type enemies, fill the arena, and search for that last hidden part container of AC6. 


In the above article, we have mentioned all the hidden parts of Armored Core 6 and show you the way from where you can find all these hidden parts on your own.

Hope you find this article informational and let us know about your experience after finding all your AC6 hidden parts of the game. 

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