How To Get Charizard Mega Energy 2022 – 3 Possible Ways

Do you want to evolve your Charizard in Pokemon Go? Well, you might require the mega energy for that. Are you aware of how to get Charizard mega energy in Pokemon Go? If not, then you will find out in the next few minutes. 

Pokemon Go has worldwide become a very popular and loved adventure video game where you get to capture different Pokemon in your current geographical location. While you obtain a Pokemon in the game, you can also evolve it with the help of certain mega energies. The same goes for the fire-producing flying Pokemon Charizard. 

How to get Charizard mega energy? Answer: You will have to defeat the Mega Charizard Pokemon in the raids to get Charizard mega energy. You can also complete the Mega research tasks to get the energy or walk with a buddy who has been previously mega-evolved. 

If you wish to know all the possible ways to get Charizard mega energy in detail, then you will have to give a little more time of yours to this article and find out. 

How To Get Charizard Mega Energy In Pokemon Go? 

If you want to evolve your Charizard into the Mega X or Mega Y form, you will require 250 units of Charizard Mega Energy in both cases. Well, you should be happy because you can have the Charizard Mega Energy in three ways. 

1. You can take part in the Mega Raid and defeat the Mega Evolution and you will be able to get the Charizard Mega energy. 

2. The second way is that you walk with a buddy that had previously evolved into either of the Mega forms of their Pokemon. 

3. The last method that you can try is to just finish the research tasks that are mega-themed. 

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How To Get Charizard Mega Energy In Raids?

When you take part in a Mega raid, you need to defeat any one of the Mega Charizards, be it the Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y. Just as you defeat one of them, you will receive about 50 to 90 Charizard mega energy units. How to get Charizard Mega energy fast? See, it completely depends upon how fast you beat the Pokemon. You can defeat a few more to collect up to 250 units to be able to evolve your Charizard. 

How To Get Charizard Mega Energy By Completing Research Tasks?

Some people want to know how to get mega energy without raids. For them, there are some special mega-themed research tasks available for you in the game that they can complete and collect the mega energy. 

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How To Get Charizard Mega Energy Through Walks?

How to get mega energy in Pokemon Go by walking? Well, you will have to select a previously evolved Mega Charizard and make it your buddy. After that, you just have to walk with your chosen buddy and you will be rewarded the Charizard mega energy just by walking. Isn’t that too simple?

The only complication with this is that you must have a Charizard that you had previously evolved, only then this walking method will work, or else you would have to go for those mega raids or the research tasks. 

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Wrap Up

These were the only possible ways in which you can collect the Charizard Mega energy. See for yourself which method you prefer to use, you can also use all three methods to add up to the required 250 units of Charizard Mega energy. 

How To Get Gyarados Mega Energy Pokemon Go?

To obtain Gyarados Mega energy in Pokemon Go, you will have to defeat the Mega Gyarados in the Mega raids or walk with your previously evolved Mega Gyarados by making it your buddy. Another way to get the energy is to perform some research tasks that will get you what you need. 

What Is The Best Eevee Evolution?

The best version into which you can evolve Eevee is Sylveon as it is the strongest ever evolution that you will see and thus, gives a great competition to the opponent Pokemon. The SP and HP of Sylveon are also quite high, so it is really hard to defeat.

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