How To Get Flareon In Pokemon Go? Get Flareon Without Name Trick

Would you like a Pokemon that possesses a flame bag within its body? If yes, then we know what you need, a Flareon, which can be obtained by evolving the popular Pokemon Eevee. If this has piqued your interest, we would like to tell you how to get Flareon in Pokemon Go. 

There is a variety of Pokemon that you can find and catch in Pokemon Go, while some of them are normal ones, the others have something special about them. For instance, a Flareon has fluffy fur that releases heat in the air that prevents its body from getting too hot. Catching this Pokemon with a flame bag is an achievement in itself. 

To get Flareon in Pokemon Go, you need to name your Eevee “Pyro” before evolving it. Alternatively, you can also directly search for Flareon in the cities, beaches, or residential areas where its spawning rate is high. You can also trade a Pokemon with your friend in exchange for a Flareon. 

We know that you want to get all the possible methods for obtaining a Flareon and we know what information you require for this, so, just read and get your answers. 

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How To Get Flareon In Pokemon Go?

Obtaining a Flareon in Pokemon is quite easy if you already have an Eevee in Pokemon Go. Yes, an Eevee, the only Pokemon that can be evolved into eight entirely different species. Actually, this is also the problem that the players face with Eevee, due to having 8 Eeveelutions, the chances of getting the species we need are quite low. 

Thus, it becomes important for the players to use the Eevee name trick. Have you heard of it? No? Don’t worry, you are going to know it all right here and right now. 

So, if you want to make sure that your Eevee evolves into a Flareon, you need to change its name to “Pyro”. You can change your Eevee’s name by tapping on the Pencil icon above it where you will get to edit the current name of this Pokemon into Pyro. 

The same goes for the other evolutions of Eevee, a different nickname has been assigned to all eight of them, using these Eevee nicknames you can ensure that you will get the form that you need. 

But remember that you can use this Eevee trick only once throughout the game. If you have already applied the nickname trick on an Eevee of yours, you won’t be allowed to do that again. 

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How To Get Flareon In Pokemon Go Without Name Trick?

Have you already used the Eevee name trick in Pokemon Go? Then, the sad part is that you cannot use the same trick again throughout the game. So, what will you do now if you badly want a Flareon in the game? 

Not an issue, you can either directly find an already evolved Flareon in the game or you can use the Buddy method to get it from Eeveelution. 

Well, to find a Flareon, you must be aware of the locations where this rare Pokemon spawns. Remember that this is quite a rare Pokemon and the chances of finding it are too low. However, since you have already used the Eevee name trick, you need to try your luck on searching for a Flareon in the locations where it has some chance of spawning. 

So, the places where you can check out include cities, beaches, and residential areas. These are the only places for now where the presence of Flareon has been reported.

Alternatively, if you have a friend in Pokemon Go who has a Flareon and no longer needs it, you can trade it with your Pokemon that they want to have and as a result of this trading, you will have a Flareon of your own without any effort, just in exchange for a Pokemon of yours. 

If you do not have any such option, the only thing you can do is catch as many Eevees as you can and evolve them one by one, although the chances of getting a Flareon are only 1 in 8, you can give it a shot as many times as you can and someday, you will finally get a Flareon out of this evolution. 

Wrap Up

That was all you needed to know about getting a Flareon in Pokemon  Go. These are the only ways for now in which you can have this Fire Type Pokemon. We hope that you won’t have wasted your Eevee nickname trick yet so that you can easily obtain this species.

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