How To Get Jirachi In Pokemon Go?

In order to find a legendary pokemon, players in Pokemon Go periodically receive “story mode” quests that must be completed. One of the Pokemon is Jirachi because to catch it you also have to complete some special tasks. If you are unaware of these tasks, then catching Jirachi must be difficult for you. But, don’t worry!! Using this article as a guide, you will know how to get Jirachy in Pokemon Go.

In Pokemon Go, players can get Jirachi by completing the mission “A Thousand-Year Slumber.” Only a particular collection of Special Research Tasks can lead to the capture of this Pokemon. 

With the intention of giving you all the legendary pokemon from pokemon go, today we will give you the correct information on how to catch Jirachy, which is a Mythical legendary pokemon of steel or psychic type.

How To Get Jirachi In Pokemon Go?

Players need to complete the 7 steps or challenges that come under the mission “A Thousand-Year Slumber”. Here you can complete these 7 special tasks.

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Jirachi Research Step 1

  • Catch 25 Pokemon (1000 XP)
  • Make 3 new friends (Feebas encounter)
  • Spin 10 PokeStops (Jigglypuff encounter)

Your initial objective is straightforward enough; after all, the majority of your Pokemon Go playtime is pent catching Pokemon and spinning Pokestops. The difficulty of making three new friends slightly increases.

Rewards: 1 Mossy Lure, 1 Glacial Lure, 1 Magnetic Lure

Jirachi Research Step 2

  • Catch 3 Whismur (10 Whismur Candies)
  • Evolve a Feebas (1,500 XP)
  • Gold medal for Hoenn Pokedox (1,500 XP)

The research gets really going at this point. While Whismur is a typical catch, Feebas isn’t anything like that, and its poor candy handouts- just one for every 5 Km you walk- might make this a lengthy project for anyone who is new to the game. However, you will eventually have to make Feebas your walking partner because it won’t evolve until you have traveled 20 km with it.

For those who are new to Pokemon Go, earning the Gold Hoenn Medal will be difficult because it calls for catching 90 distinct species out of the 135 found in Pokemon Gen 3. If you have played Pokemon Go before, this task probably finished itself right away.

Rewards: 2,000 Stardust, 10 Regular Pokeballs, 3 Lures

Jirachi Research Step 3

  • Seize a picture of Loudred (Snorlax encounter)
  • Make 3 excellent throws in a row (2,000 XP)
  • Walk with a friend and earn three candies (2,000 XP)

Arguably, the third level is a little simpler than the previous one. You should get Loudred from your Whimsur catches and candy, you may equip a 1 km Buddy Pokemon from an expedient and simple three candies.

It’s more likely where you get stuck when you can’t make three great throws in a row. You need to target inside the colored circle which is made for catching; Aim inside the inner colored catching circle; you will get an “Excellent” if it is around two-thirds the size of the outside circle.

Rewards: 20 Silver Pinap Berries, 3 Star Pieces, 2,000 Stardust

Jirachi Research Step 4

  • Catch 50 Steel- or psychic type pokemon (2,500 XP)
  • Power up pokemon 10 times (2,500 XP)
  • Send 10 presents to friends (2,500 XP)

Another simple stage, but one that can require some time to complete. Steel and psychic type are plentiful, although you may move things along more quickly by utilizing a magnetic lure or spawn Meltan.

The further actions are obvious: Consider making some new acquaintances if your current buddies are taking too long to unwrap the gifts you offer them. Dig through your Pokemon container and you need to click the “Power Up” button for some time.

Rewards: 1 Fast ™, 1 Charged ™, 1 Premium Raid boss

Jirachi Research Step 5

  • Fight with a team leader 3 times (Kricketune encounter)
  • Win against another trainer 7 times (Bronzong encounter)
  • Win 5 raids (3,000 XP)

You have to battle against the leaders of the team battle: Blanche, Candela, and Spark by selecting “Battle” on the next screen after clicking the Pokemon Radar.

After reaching a level of about 25, anything three stars and below should be accessible to individual players. Despite our earlier cynicism, it is still worthwhile to check if any local Pokemon Go groups are taking down any of the larger objectives in your area.

Rewards: 20 Ultra Balls, 3,000 Stardust, 3 Rare Candy

Jirachi Research Step 6

  • Take 5 Pictures of steel or psychic pokemon (Chimencho encounter)
  • Make 3 excellent curveball throws (Bronzong encounter)
  • Spin a Poke Stop 7 days in a row (4,000 XP)

To capture pictures of the 50 Steel- or Psychic-type Pokemon caught in stage 4, hold onto five of them. The sole piece of advice for throwing three terrific curveballs is to practice them whenever you get the chance. The easiest Pokemon to accomplish this during the catching process are those that are considerably closer to you, such as Snover and Aipom, but it’s still difficult to complete. You can eventually succeed if you just keep trying.

Rewards: 5,000 Stardust, 10 Star Piece, 10 Silver Pinap Berries

Jirachi Research Step 7

  • Redeem Reward (4,500 XP)
  • Redeem Reward (4,500 XP)
  • Redeem Reward (4,500 XP)

As soon as you reach the last step, all the duties will be finished, and you will be rewarded with a lot of rewards.

Rewards: Jirachi encounter, 20 Jirachi candy, Jirachi T-shirt

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The Pokemon will arrive when you finish your research on Jirachi, and you will have endless chances to capture it. Sadly, you have to use AR mode to catch the Jirachi, but if you keep flinging balls, you will soon succeed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a shiny Jirachi in Pokemon Go?

Jirachy is not available in the shiny form in Pokemon Go. So, completing this quest won’t reward you with a shiny Jirachy.

What Pokemon sleeps a thousand years?

Jirachi is a sweet little wish pokemon who sleeps for a thousand years and when it awakens, grants wishes that are inscribed on notes that are fastened to its head.

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