How To Get King Rock In Pokemon Go – Best Ways For You

You must be looking for a king rock if you want to evolve your Polywhirl or Slowpoke Pokemon in Pokemon Go. But, how to get one? If you are not aware, this article will get you a complete guide on how to get King Rock in Pokemon Go. 

To get King Rock in Pokemon Go, you will need to keep spinning the PokeStop for seven consecutive days without skipping a single day, which will promise you a reward of one out of several evolution items which also include your King Rock. If you are lucky enough, you will get that right after the first week’s streak, or at max after a couple of weeks. There is further important information waiting for you, so keep reading. 

Pokemon Go has ever since been the favorite game of the ones who loved to watch Pokemon in their old days. It lets them reminisce about their childhood, which is a beautiful memory. The game lets you catch Pokemon in your own geographical location. There are several Pokemon you can own in the game as well as evolve with the help of certain stones, like the King’s Rock. 

Do you want to know where and how you can get yourself a King’s Rock in Pokemon Go so you can also evolve your specific Slowpoke or Polywhirl Pokemon in the game? If yes, then come along with us and we will soon let you know in detail. 

How To Get King Rock In Pokemon Go? 

If you want to evolve your Slowpoke Pokemon into Slowking, or the Polywhirl Pokemon into Politoed, then you need to know that this will require you to have the King’s rock in Pokemon Go. Fine then, the question now is, how you will be able to get hold of this rock? 

And here is the answer: PokeStops. Yes, if you spin PokeStops, there are chances that you will get the King’s Rock as one of the random awards that are given. 

When you are lucky enough while you spin a PokeStop, you will be given a chance to pick any of the items required for evolution, and at that time you can choose the King’s Rock. 

But, the thing is, how lucky do you have to be to get this chance? Well, this is a one in a hundred type situation. So, this clarifies that this will be a rare chance that you might get. 

But you do not need to feel miserable about that, there is something else we want you to know. If you still don’t know, let us inform you that if you complete a seven-day streak of spinning the PokeStops regularly, this will guarantee you the reward of one evolutionary item in the game. 

So, this seems to be a better deal, right? Although it is not guaranteed that the evolution item will be the King’s rock, you might also get another one. Yet, there are good chances that a time will come when you will also receive the King’s Rock as the reward, it will definitely not take more than a couple of weeks. 

Apart from the King’s Rock, the other evolution items that you might get include: Sun Stone, Dragon Scale, Metal Coat, and Up-Grade. These all are quite important evolutionary items in Pokemon Go. 

The Sun Stone is necessary for evolving Gloom, Sunkern Petilil, and Cottonee. The Dragon Scale is required to get Kingrda to evolve from Seadra. If you want to evolve Scyther into Scizor or Onix into Steelix, then you will need the Metal Coat, and if you want to get Porygron 2 by evolving Porygron, this will need Up-Grade. 

Not only these, but you can also obtain Sinnoh Stone or Unova Stone from these streaks and use them to evolve your other Pokemon in Gen IV or V games. So, all of these are quite valuable even if you don’t exactly get the King’s Rock. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you know exactly how to get King Stone in Pokemon Go. So, you can now stop looking around and wasting time finding it by any other methods because this is the only way that is going to work and get you one. Share this with your friends who are also dying to evolve their Slowpoke and Polywhirl Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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