How To Get Shadow Snover Pokemon Go In 2022

If you are done with collecting regular Pokemon then it is time to level up in Pokemon Go. Have you heard of Shadow Snover? It is definitely going to be much better than your regular one, so it is time to know how to get Shadow Snover in Pokemon Go. 

To get shadow Snover in Pokemon Go, you will need to defeat a specific Team Go Rocket grunt that uses an Ice Type Pokemon for the battles. As you beat it, you will get a chance to encounter a Shadow Snover that you can catch with the help of Premier Pokeballs, ten of which are given to you for this task. 

Regular Pokemon do well in Pokemon Go but once you catch a Shadow form of a Pokemon and realize how much better it can be, there is no going back. However, finding a Shadow form of any Pokemon is quite tough because they are rare and that is what makes the players desire them. 

If you already have a regular Snover and now want to own a Shadow Snover too, then this article is going to be helpful to you, so keep reading.

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Why Should You Get A Shadow Snover In Pokemon Go?

A lot of players must be wondering that if a Shadow Snover is that rare to get, why waste our precious time on it rather than just obtaining a regular one? For those who still believe that a regular Pokemon is the same as a Shadow Pokemon, we want to clear their confusion right there. 

Although a regular Pokemon and its shiny form are no different from each other except for their appearance, that is not the case with a Shadow Pokemon too. 

This means that a Shadow Pokemon, being hard to find, also comes with some extra perks for the players in Pokemon Go which makes such Pokemon special, no matter if it is a Shadow Snover or any other Shadow Pokemon in the game. 

Let us understand what is the main difference between a regular Snover and a Shadow Snover. 

Well, when you catch a Shadow Snover in Pokemon Go, it also comes with a special charged ™ which is referred to as Frustration. 

Once the purification of the Shadow Snover is done, this Frustration is replaced with  Return. 

If you have a Shadow Snover, it will have the capability of inflicting 20% more damage in comparison to that of the Regular Snover. This works like a Weather Booster for Pokemon. While Regular Pokemon can cause extra damage only while they are weather boosted, a Shadow Snover has this advantage all the time during the game. 

If you collect enough required amount of Stardust and candies for Shadow Snover, you can level them up to a great extent which is, although hard, worth the time and effort players give into the process. 

The only thing that a Shadow Snover lacks is their less ability of defense, which is ignorable when compared with the benefits that one is receiving with such a Pokemon right?

Now that you know how much a Shadow Snover varies from a Regular one, you must be quite eager to know how to obtain a Shadow Snover for yourself. 

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How To Get Shadow Snover Pokemon Go?

The only way to catch the rare Shadow Snover in Pokemon Go is if you defeat a Team Go rocket Grunt. It is the one who says “You Are Going To Be Frozen In Four Tracks”. As per this quote, this grunt is the one who has an Ice Type Pokemon kept for the battles. 

As you defeat it, you will get your chance to rescue a Shadow Snover from there, and to capture it you will be given only 10 Premier Pokeballs, so, you would need to be quite careful and precise with making your shots and catch it in the Ball as soon as possible.

Wait for the ring to come to at least half its size when you should make your move to get a Great Throw and if you do better, you may also receive an Excellent throw. To calm the Shadow Snover, you can also use specific berries after which it will be easier for you to make your hit. 

Wrap Up

The Shadow Snover might be no longer in use with the Team Go Rocket grunts for now, but it will soon return after which you can go with the above procedure and catch your Shadow Snover which you can then level up and purify. 

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