How To Get Silver Ash Destiny 2

The second step to the quest ‘Rekindle The Spark’ in Destiny 2 asks for 60 silver ash. If you are still trying to find out the answer to how to get silver ash Destiny 2, then let us tell you that you have landed on the right page. 

How to get silver ash Destiny 2? – With the help of Bonfire Bash, you can convert your silver leaves into silver ash. How this will exactly happen? For this, you will have to read further as the process is explained in detail in the latter part of this article. 

Destiny 2 is a popular and free online massively multiplayer FPS video game where you have to protect the only remaining safe city on the Earth while playing the role of a guardian. There is a great range of quests in the game, one of which is “Rekindle The Spark” where you will require to collect silver leaves and then turn them into silver ash. 

Are you ready to get through the complete process on how you can obtain silver ash in Destiny 2? Let us move ahead then. 

How To Get Silver Ash Destiny 2?

Silver ash, the precious currency newly added to the game that you can use to upgrade your armor in Destiny 2, cannot be directly earned. 

You will have to have 12 silver leaves at the very least in order to convert them into 60 silver ash. This is the only way that can get you the silver ash in the game, so you will have to go for it. 

For collecting enough silver leaves, you will require to complete a few activities in the game. In fact, all the activities in Destiny 2 will reward you with silver leaves as you accomplish them, the best option among which is the Vanguard Strikes. 

Once you have your silver leaves, what you have to do is – complete the activity called Bonfire Bash, through which, all your silver leaves present in your inventory in the game will be transformed into silver ash. 

Now the question arises how can the Bonfire Bash activity be completed? Well, we have the guide to that as well. 

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How To Complete Bonfire Bash To Get Silver Ash In Destiny 2?

Here are the steps that need to be followed if you want to complete the bonfire bash activity in Destiny 2 for obtaining silver ash. 

1. Grow The Bonfire

Firstly, you will need to grow the bonfire further, which can be done only by killing off all the enemies that are interfering with your mission. 

2. Stoke The Bonefire

Once the bonfire has grown enough, you have to stoke it. In order to do that, you will require to eliminate some special glowing enemies. You will have to kill these enemies and grab from them the Igniter orbs. 

Once you have the igniter orbs, throw them into the bonfire. You can throw them from a distance as well as from close, it is up to you. Remember that the more igniter orbs you throw into the bonfire, the better will be your rewards. 

3. Eliminate The Enemies

As soon as the bonfire has been stoked with sufficient igniter orbs, a number of enemies will appear which you will require to eliminate so that they do not hinder your progress. 

4. Finish Off The Boss

At last, the Boss will show up, and you have to kill it at any cost. Once you defeat the Boss, you have to go to the next bonfire where your reward will drop, which means that you have got your silver leaves converted to silver ash. 

You can check in your inventory that the silver leaves you had would be disappeared and in place of them will be 60 silver ash. 

You can now use this silver ash for upgrading the Candescent armor that you have to use during the Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2022 armor event. 

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Wrap Up

This was all about how to get Silver Ash Destiny 2. Share this with your friends who are also looking forward to upgrading their Candescent armor and moving ahead with their mission of completing the “Rekindle the Spark” mission, after all, you do not have much time left for this as the quest has to be completed before August. 

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