How To Get Squirtle Pokemon Lets Go, Pikachu 2022

As a beginner in Pokemon Let’s Go, it is better to first go with the starter Pokemon, and in this game, Squirtle is one of the best ones in this aspect. So, this article will let you know how to get Squirtle Pokemon Lets Go so that you can easily track down this Pokemon in the game. 

To get Squirtle in Pokemon Lets Go, Pikachu, you have to move to Cerulian City in the game from where you will get the way to Vermillion City where a female guard will provide you the challenge of catching 60 unique Pokemon in the game after which you can claim the Squirtle from her. 

Let’s Go, Pikachu! Is one of the amazing classics in the world of Pokemon Games which is set in the Kanto region and consists of 151 original Pokemon in the game. The players get to challenge several Gym Leaders in the game to defeat them and obtain the best Pokemon collection in their team. 

If you are new to Pokemon Lets Go, then we are here to help you out with getting a good starter Pokemon, that is, Squirtle because that is going to be quite useful to you in the later instances of the game. 

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How To Get Squirtle Pokemon Lets Go?

A lot of players wonder why is Squirtle a good choice as a starter Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go. Actually, the thing to notice is that it is not the Squirtle that we have to be excited about, it is the evolutionary form that a Squirtle can take in the future. 

Squirtle is the Pokemon that you can later evolve into a Blastoise, which is definitely one of the most useful Water Type Pokemon in the whole game if properly leveled up. 

We think this is enough to understand the importance of getting a Squirtle in Pokemon Lets Go, Pikachu, right? 

Now let us check out the right way of easily getting a Squirtle in the game. The process is quite long and time-consuming but it is an assured way of receiving a Squirtle simply as a reward. So here we go with everything you need to do for this great Pokemon. 

So, the first thing you have to do is go to Cerulian City where you will find a guard standing at the entrance of a nearby house. When you go to that Guard, it will warn you that the front door has to be guarded all the time no matter what. 

As soon as you move and return to the city, you will realize that the guard is running off after a Squirtle that had just appeared in a nearby space. As the guard runs, he leaves you free to enter that house so that you can proceed with the storyline of the game. 

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Now, as you continue as per the Story, you will find yourself in Vermilion City where there would be another guard. This time, you will see that a Squirtle is already standing right next to the Guard. This guard is already eager to give away this Squirtle to whichever eager trainer it finds. 

Now, you just have to go to this guard, who will tell you that you can immediately get this Squirtle from her but only after you have captured sixty unique Pokemon in the game. 

Now the challenge begins. You have to look for 60 unique Pokemon in the game and capture them. Remember that these Pokemon include only the original ones, thus, the Duplicate ones won’t be considered at all. 

So, advance in the game and venture throughout the places to catch all the 60 unique Pokemon. And once you are done, you may return to the Vermilion city and go to that guard. The moment you approach the guard, you can claim the Squirtle from her and you will receive it right at the moment. 

Wrap Up

If you follow the method exactly as we have mentioned here, we can guarantee that you will receive this Squirtle reward from the guard for sure. So, be consistent and catch all the 60 unique Pokemon and the Squirtle in Pokemon Lets Go will be yours soon. 

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