How To Get Telekinesis In Skyrim?

Have you ever heard of Telekinesis? Telekinesis is an Alteration spell in which you can pick up objects without actually touching them. If you wish to pick up anything or throw something at an enemy, you can use this skill.

Have you ever used Telekinesis in Skyrim? If you are a person who loves the Telekinesis type of magic and never played Skyrim yet, then you will surely be missing something very amazing in your life. 

You should definitely give a try to this game. But the question is “How to get Telekinesis in Skyrim”? This article will walk you through all the options for obtaining a Telekinesis spellbook in Skyrim.

How To Get Telekinesis in Skyrim?

You can obtain a Telekinesis spellbook in several ways. Depending on your alteration level, you can buy the book or find it in a variety of places. The variety of steps are-

  • Purchase Telekinesis
  • Search Benkongerike’s Great Hall
  • Search Redwater Den

Purchase Telekinesis

You can buy the Telekinesis spellbook once your Alteration skill has reached level 40. The book is marked by two characters. Inside Mistveil Keep in Riften, the first merchant, Wylandriah, can be found.

Tolfdir, who resides in the College in Winterhold, is the second trader. Before conversing with Tolfdir, you must first join the College of Winterhold. The next step will show you how to do so.

Search Benkongerike’s Great Hall

Find your way to the island of Solstheim, which is where Benkongerike’s Great Hall is located. Find the stack of “Lusty Argonian Maid” novels in the first room. The “Lusty Argonian Maid” volumes are below the spellbook for Telekinesis.

Search Redwater Den

The Dawnguard’s DLC’s Redwater Den contains a Telekinesis spellbook. The spellbook is inside the prison cell. 

Enter Redwater Den, descend the stairs, and then immediately after the first right turn, dash along the straight passage. You will eventually come to an entrance to the caves; from here, you must descend the platform and take a few steps to the right. This is where the prison cell is and the spellbook is inside the prison cell.

Search Various Locations

There is no assurance you’ll locate a Telekinesis spellbook in the next place, unlike the first two. For a chance to discover the book, check chests and other storage areas.

  • Containers At Giant Camps
  • Dwarven Chest
  • Dragon Liar Chests
  • The World War In Autumnwatch Tower
  • Proudspire Manor’s Chest
  • Labyrinthian Chests, Once you reach level 50 in the Alteration
  • The Chest Inside Uttering Hill Cave
  • The Chest With The Master Level Lock In The Thieves Guild’s Ragged Flagon

Usefulness Of Telekinesis In Skyrim

  • Characters become hostile when objects are thrown at them via telekinesis; the harm is minimal.
  • Some characters will only threaten violence if you throw things at them; they never engage in combat.
  • A thief can speak up for someone and use Telekinesis to pull in whatever they own, such as a merchant’s inventory, before stealing it.
  • Telekinesis can be utilized to swiftly level the Alteration skill by grabbing and holding an object, then utilizing fast travel while still holding that object to gain a significant skill increase.


If you want to use Telekinesis in online gaming, then Skyrim is the best game for you. Here you will get the full guide on how to get Telekinesis in Skyrim. Find these locations and by following the proper guide, you will be able to get Telekinesis. In case you do not find Telekinesis in these locations, then you have to find and open some chest contains in order to get it as the names mentioned above. In short, it’s a magical and entertaining game with amazing tips and tricks.

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