How To Get Vibrava In Pokemon Go?

Obtaining just a Dragon Type Pokemon is enough for players in Pokemon Go, it would be far better if you get it in the Dual form falling in Ground Type as well. So, today we shall talk about one such Pokemon, Vibrava. So, if you are interested enough, let us see how to get Vibrava in Pokemon Go. 

To get Vibrava in Pokemon Go, you must visit a place where a great number of PokeStops are available, then you should use incense on yourself and Lure Modules on the PokeStops so that the Pokemon including Vibrava spawn in your area, and as soon as you locate one, you can catch it with the help of an Ultra Ball and Razz Berries. 

When you play the popular AR game Pokemon Go, the most important thing over there is catching the best range of Pokemon for yourself that you can later evolve and power up to use for winning several battles. Vibrava is also a Pokemon in the game and is also an important one if you need your Timed Collection Challenge to be completed. 

If you don’t have a Vibrava Pokemon yet, then now is the time that you to find one in Pokemon Go, which is possible with our instructions. 

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How To Get Vibrava In Pokemon Go?

Vibrava is a Dragon and Ground Type amazing Pokemon that is just like a Green Dragonfly in Pokemon Go. 

If you want to get this Dual Type Pokemon in the game, then you must look for it in the areas where there is a large number of PokeStops all around. In such an area, you can install Lure Modules in all the PokeStops as well as use Incense to attract this Pokemon towards yourself. 

When you use the Incense, for the next thirty minutes all the Pokemon around you will start spawning in your location where you are present, while if you use a Lure Module, the Pokemon will start spawning around the PokeStop where it is installed for the next 30 minutes. 

So, an incense is something that the players have to use on themselves, while the Lure Modules are to be used on the PokeStops, and for the next 30 minutes, make sure to stay around the PokeStop where the Lure Module is activated so that you can find the Vibrava as soon as it spawns there. 

You may keep using these two attractive items consecutively after every 30 minutes until you encounter at least one Vibrava. 

While a regular Vibrava still has a chance of appearing, the possibilities of finding a Shiny one are the bare minimum, and thus, you must also not expect one. 

Also, do not expect a Vibrava to appear during the raid battles as this Pokemon is not introduced in any of the raids yet. So, the only thing you can do is set out yourself and start searching for it, there are quite a lot of chances that you will soon find one if you are highly dedicated and are using the incense and Lure Modules in the most appropriate manner. 

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How To Catch A Vibrava Pokemon Go?

Once you find a Vibrava, you can use an Ultra Ball to catch it easily with more possibility. However, this task will not be that simple. You must also make sure that you already have Razz Berry or Golden Razz Berry so that you feed it to the Vibrava you encounter and then your chances of catching it will be multiplied to a certain level. 

Golden Razz Berries work more effectively as compared to the regular ones, increasing your possibility of catching the Pokemon by 2.5 times, be it a Vibrava or any other wild Pokemon. You can collect these berries by simply completing some specific research tasks. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you are now all clear about how to get Vibrava in Pokemon Go, so, if you are aware enough, start looking for it right now because the process is going to take a good amount of your time unless you are too lucky to find one. If there is any other rare Pokemon that you wish to catch in Pokemon Go, then you can tell us in the comments and we shall come up with another guide for the same.

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