How To Get Victini Pokemon Go 2022?

A lot of people wonder if the Pokemon Victini even exists in the game, the reason being that this is one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. But, it is there, all you need is a vision and the right guide on how to get Victini Pokemon Go. 

To get Victini in Pokemon Go, you just have to take part in the “The Feeling Of Victory” research task that is exclusively made to catch a Victini alongside obtaining may other Pokemon and rewards, and the best thing is that you can have Victini at just the fourth step of this task. Don’t worry, we are going to discuss this entire task in detail. 

Everyone wants more Legendary Pokemon which are much more powerful and thus, useful in Pokemon Go. But the more they are desired, the more they are rare and hard to find. However, as long as we are here to help you out in the right direction, none of that is impossible to obtain. 

So, today, we thought of coming up with a guide on an ultimate legendary Pokemon namely Victini in Pokemon Go which is a mythical Pokemon of the Psychic and Fire Type. 

How To Get Victini Pokemon Go?

You must already know that there is a variety of special research tasks available in Pokemon Go, and on accomplishing such tasks, the players are able to get a chance to face an encounter with some of the most powerful and rare Pokemon in the game that is not otherwise approachable. 

One such special Research Task is “The Feeling Of Victory” exclusively made for obtaining the Victini Pokemon which you will not find by simply roaming around in the wild. 

This research task doesn’t just let the players catch Victini, but also helps them collect a lot of Victini candies that can further be used to improvise the Pokemon. 

The task comprises certain steps throughout the way where the players can also catch certain other Pokemon as well as items like Incense and Lure Modules. 

In total, there are six steps within this “The Feeling Of Victory” Special Research Task. Let us discuss what each of these steps requires in the game. 

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1. Step 1 Of The Feeling Of Victory Research Task

In the first step, you have to accomplish three things which are as follows:

1. Catch 30 Pokemon, which will also get you 3 Pinap Berries.

2. Spin at least 30 Pokestops or Gyms in total, which will get you 1000 XP. 

3. The final thing is sending at least 10 gifts to your friends in the game that will get you 1000 Stardust. 

On the completion of the first step, the players will get the following rewards:

1. 30 Great Balls that will help in catching the wild Pokemon during encounters.

2. Ralts encounter which is a great opportunity to get this amazing Pokemon. 

3. 1000 Stardust which is helpful when you have to power up or trade your Pokemon. 

2. Step 2 Of The Feeling Of Victory Research Task

Here are the things the players have to accomplish during the second step of this special research task in Pokemon Go which is full of encounters:

1. This time you need to catch 30 Pokemon but only of the Psychic Type and you will get an Elgyem encounter at the end. 

2. Next, you have to catch 30 Pokemon of the Fire Type after which you will get a Darumaka encounter.

3. Finally, you have to hatch 3 eggs and you will be given 1 incubator as a result. 

Once you have completed Step 2, here are the rewards that you will obtain:

1. 1000 XP

2. Torchic encounter

3. 30 Great Balls

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3. Step 3 Of The Feeling Of Victory Research Task

In step 3 of this task, again you have to do three things:

1. Take a snapshot of your buddy using the Go Snapshot feature and get 1 Poffin as a result.

2. Walk with your buddy until you receive 3 respective candies and then you get 1000 Stardust.

3. Finally, Power up your Pokemon thrice and get 3 Hyper Potions.

After completing this step, you receive the following rewards:

1. 3 Revives

2. An Espeon Counter

3. 1000 Stardust

4. Step 4 Of The Feeling Of Victory Research Task

Check out the things you have to do while completing this step of the task: 

1. Win at least 3 gym battles and receive 1000 XP.

2. Defeat any 3 grunts of Team Rocket and get 1 Lure Module.

3. Take part in 3 raids and win them to get 1000 Stardust.

Following the rewards received on completion of step 4. 

1. 3 Max Potion.

2. A Victini Encounter that you had come all this way for. 

3. 3 Max Revives. 

Since by the end of step 4 of this task, you already have the Victini encounter, you may stop proceeding if you wish to, however, if you want more of the rewards, you can continue to proceed with the task. 

5. Step 5 Of The Feeling Of Victory Research Task

Here are the things to be done in step 5 of this task.

1. Take your Victini’s Snapshot and get 20 Victini candy

2. Catch 30 varying Pokemon species to get 1 Incense.

3. Send 3 gifts to your friends and get 1000 XP.

You get the following rewards by the end of this step:

1. 5 Victini Stickers.

2. 3000 Stardust.

3. 1 Star Piece. 

6. Step 6 Of The Feeling Of Victory Research Task

1. Claim reward to get 3000 XP

2. Claim another reward to get 3000 Stardust.

3. Claim the third reward to get 3000 XP. 

The rewards that you receive here are: 

1. 1 Lure Module

2. 20 Victini Candy

3. 1 Lucky Egg

Wrap Up

We think now you won’t be finding it an impossible task to get Victini in Pokemon Go. So, if you really wish to have one, go ahead to complete this task, even reaching the fourth step is enough for you. 

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