How To Get XL Candy Pokemon Go In 8 Ways?

When you realize that a hundred regular candies in Pokemon Go can be equivalent to a single XL candy in Pokemon Go, you will obviously start finding out how to get XL Candy in Pokemon Go, right? And, guess what? We have already got the answer to what you are curious about, so let us check out the right way to obtain this item in Pokemon Go. 

To get XL Candy in Pokemon Go, you can opt for different methods like catching an unevolved, evolved, mythical, or legendary Pokemon. You can also get XL Candy by capturing a raid boss, or by trading a Pokemon with your friend. Do you know you can also convert your regular candies into XL Candies? It is okay, you will find out soon if you continue to read. 

There are certain items in Pokemon Go that the players are eligible to get only after reaching certain levels in the game. For instance, it is only after you reach Trainer Level 31 that you can get “Candy” which can be fed to your Pokemon to increase its CP in the game. Now, Candies also come in two categories, normal and XL ones, and the latter type is obviously the better one. 

If you want to know how you can obtain these XL Candies in Pokemon Go, then you have come to the correct page where you are going to receive all the necessary information regarding the same. 

How To Get XL Candy Pokemon Go?

There are a couple of methods in which you can obtain the XL Candy in Pokemon Go all of which have been discussed right here. 

1. By Catching An Unevolved Pokemon

If you catch a Pokemon that has not been evolved yet and is in its primary, original form, you can receive XL Candies as a result the amount of which can be anywhere between 1 and 3. 

2. By Hatching Eggs

Sometimes, you can also receive XL Candies when you hatch eggs in the game. The more time it takes to hatch an egg, the more will be the number of XL candies that you will get from it. 

3. By Walking With Your Buddy Pokemon

If you just simply walk with your Buddy Pokemon in the game, which is also required for its evolution process, after reaching a certain distance while walking, you have great possibilities of getting the XL Candy from it. 

4. By Catching A Pokemon That Is Evolved, Legendary Or Mythical

If you catch any of the Evolved Pokemon, it is guaranteed that you will receive a minimum of two XL Candies from it. However, if the Pokemon is Mythical or Legendary, a minimum of 3 XL Candies are assured. 

5. By Transferring A Pokemon To Professor Willow

Another way of obtaining one XL candy is when you transfer a Pokemon to Professor Willow. The method is not entirely guaranteed, but there are good chances for sure. 

6. By Catching A Raid Boss

If you take part in the raid battles that keep taking place in Pokemon Go and get successful in catching a raid boss, you will be able to receive XL Candy in the form of a reward. 

7. By Trading Your Pokemon

There are also great chances of receiving XL Candy when you trade a Pokemon of yours with a friend in the game, however, the time gap between the two Pokemon being caught greatly affects the probability that you will get the candy. 

8. By Converting Your Regular Candy To XL Candy

Did you know that you can also convert your regular common candies in Pokemon Go into XL Candies? This is simple, one XL Candy can be received in exchange for 100 regular candies that you collect in the game.

So, if you have piled up a lot of regular candies in the game, it is a great choice to just use them for getting as many XL candies as you want, after all, you know that collecting the regular candies is not that hard. 

Wrap Up

These were all the possible methods in which you can get XL Candy in Pokemon Go, we don’t think there is currently any other way that exists in the game for this purpose, if there happens to be any, we shall immediately update you with the same, till then, use any of these eight methods for obtaining as many XL Candies as you need.

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