How To Get XP Tokens In MW2? 4 Easy Methods For Getting Double XP Tokens

Do you know that it’s something that is going to be very useful in MW2 when it comes to making the most of your time playing and reaching the highest level possible in terms of your weapons and Military Rank? What’s that? That’s actually the Double XP Tokens, that you need to get in MW2 for which you will now get proper guidance in this article. 

What is the first thing that you wish to do whenever you start playing any new COD game? Obviously, you want o push your rank in the game. Right? But ranking up in MW2 is not easy at all. Whether you want to catch your high-ranked friends or you want to move ahead in the game with your opposition, all you need are XP tokens to do all that. As your rank increases in the game, you will need more XP Tokens, for which you must have Double XP Tokens. 

We have certain methods to get Double XP Tokens in MW2. They are- Food promotions, Purchase the Vault Edition, Complete Campaign Missions, and Double XP Weekends.

Double XP Tokens are very helpful to you throughout the full gameplay as they help you to increase your ranks quickly, unlocking new guns and attachments. So, getting them for you must be an advantage to you if you are serious about your gameplay.

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How To Get XP Tokens In MW2? 

There are a few things that you can do to get some of these double XP boosters or tokens for you in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Now you are going to get to know everything about double XP tokens right here.

  • Food Promotions
  • Purchase The Vault Edition
  • Complete Campaign Missions
  • Double XP Weekends

Food Promotions

You can obtain XP Tokens by purchasing certain food items. Activision has partnered with specific food brands to provide you double XP Tokens whenever you bought any food item. The food items that are available for purchase in return for Double XP Tokens are:

  • Little Caesars
  • Mountain Dew
  • Burger King

Little Caesars

The first food items are Little Caesars. In purchasing Little Caesars, players will get the offer to get rewards such as player cards, exclusive emblems, weapon charms, and double XP tokens. The only problem with purchasing Little Caesar is you will get only a single reward of double XP Tokens only on your first purchase. 

To get more double XP Tokens you will need to order a Combo meal of the game with mountain dew. After purchasing these two items, you need to scan the mountain dew bottle or from the combo meal box, after done with scanning, you will quickly get your rewards. 

In the Little Caesars part, players will also get a chance to win more rewards MW2 water bottle, a mini fridge, or a digital copy of the game. This will only be available from October 17 to December 31, 2022.

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Mountain Dew

At the launch of MW2, the developers of this game announced that they have now partnered with Mountain Dew as well to give the players more bonuses. The interesting thing is that your rewards depend upon the product of mountain dew you are purchased. 

Prizes include 150 COD points, 15 minutes of double XP time, and 120 minutes of double XP time. You can get your COD points and double XP tokens from the gaming website. On that website, you can link up with your Activision account and redeem your rewards.

Here’s an expanded form of your rewards from mountain dew:

  • 12 packs of mountain dew: 75 COD points and 60 minutes of Double XP and Double Weapon XP.
  • 24 packs of mountain dew: 150 COD points and 120 minutes of Double XP and Double weapon XP
  • 16oz of mountain dew flavored game fuel: 15 minutes of Double XP and Double Weapon XP.
  • 20oz of mountain dew products: 30 minutes of Double XP and Double Weapon XP.

Burger King

Another food item from which the Non-Americans players can get the double XP twins are Burger King. Burger King has announced their partnership with MW2 to provide its customers with expensive skins and Double XP Tokens. 

To gain access to these rewards, you must order a combo meal from the restaurant menu. Then after that, you have to submit proof to the gaming website that you have made a purchase from Burger King. Then, after linking your Activision account to the website, you will get your Tokens and Skin. 

Purchase The Vault Edition

Another easy method to get the Double XP Tokens in MW2 is by purchasing the vault edition. The game costs significantly more than the general editions, but it includes extra bonuses, which contain 10 hours of Double XP Tokens and Double weapons XP.

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Complete Campaign Missions

If food promotions and purchasing the vault edition are not accessible in your area, then you need to complete some campaign missions in order to get the XP Tokens. This will significantly take longer time than the other because in this you do not have to pay for getting XP Tokens. You need to do some tasks in which you will have to put your time and effort to complete each mission. But it is definitely sure that, after completing each and every mission, you will be rewarded with a large quantity of XP Tokens.

Below is the list of tasks for campaign missions:

  • Wetwork campaign for 1 double XP token
  • Tradecraft campaign for 1 double weapon XP token
  • Close Air campaign for 1 double XP token
  • Hardpoint campaign for 1 double weapon XP token
  • EI Sin Nombre campaign for 1 double XP token
  • Dark Water campaign for 1 double weapon XP token
  • Hindsight campaign for 1 double XP token

Double XP Weekends

The final method for obtaining the Double XP Tokens is in Double XP Weekends. Based on the previous year’s results, double XP weekends occur quite frequently and it includes battle passes, weapon XP rewards, and standard weapons. 


You now have a variety of options for getting the XP tokens in MW2 and quickly you can rank up your position with different guns and attachments in the game. All 4 methods are quite easy but after applying any method, you just need to check a proper description of a particular way of how it is done. If any of your friends are also confused about getting the XP tokens, then share this article with them also.

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