How To Make A Great Throw In Pokemon Go In 2022

After battling a Pokemon, the most important thing that remains is to catch it, which is the step where many players miss out on their chance, and their all efforts in the raid go wasted. But, we don’t want this to happen to you, thus, here we are to let you know how to make a great throw in Pokemon Go so you can easily catch your Pokemon. 

To make a Great Throw in Pokemon Go, you have to wait for the ring to come to half of its maximum size after which you can throw the Premier Ball at it and if it hits the Pokemon, this will be your Great Throw which will also reward you with some extra XP along with a multiplier of 1.5. If you want to know more to make the throw precisely, then everything is covered here, all you have to do is read through. 

Pokemon Go is all about searching several types of Pokemon in the game, evolving them to make their better versions, then battling them with other Pokemon in the raid to catch more Pokemon of different kinds. This means that good Pokemon Go players should know properly the right way to catch the Pokemon they defeated.

For this, it is essential to understand how is a Great Throw made in Pokemon Go, the thing that is about to be discussed in detail right here. 

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What Are The Different Types Of Throws In Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, four different kinds of throws can be made, each of which has its own importance. In fact, players are often challenged to make a specific kind of throw which rewards them with extra XP in the game. 

Here are the four types of throws that a player can make while catching a Pokemon in Pokemon Go along with the Bonus that the players receive on making those throws respectively. 

1. Excellent Throw – 1.85 x Bonus

2. Great Throw – 1.5 x Bonus

3. Nice Throw – 1.15 x Bonus

4. Curveball Throw – 1 x Bonus

Among all these throws, the easiest one is the Nice Throw while the toughest one is the Excellent Throw. A Great Throw is for intermediate, so, if you are already good at Nice Throws, it is better that you improve your precision in hitting Great Throws. 

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How To Make A Great Throw In Pokemon Go?

If you want to make a Great Throw in the game you will need to hit the Premier Ball when the size of the inner circle is much smaller in size as compared to that of a Nice Throw. 

For this, firstly, get into the encounter of the Pokemon you wish to catch in the game. Then hold the ball and you must patiently wait for the shifting inner circle to reach at least half of its full size. As soon as this happens, you have to make a throw towards the Pokemon and this will make a Great Throw. 

If you want to make it easy, we suggest you first feed the Pokemon with Razz Berry which will make your prey calmer than before, and thus, landing the right shot will be much more easy for you, increasing your chances of Great Throw by  1.5 times. 

As you know that you only receive a limited number of Premier Balls to catch a Pokemon in the encounter, you have to make the throws carefully to prevent any of the Balls from getting wasted. Your eyes should be completely on the ring and there should be readiness in your action, only then you will be able to make the desired throw. 

Wrap Up

This was our strategy to make a Great Throw in Pokemon Go. All that matters in this is the right timing which requires a lot of concentration of the players otherwise you will miss your chance. If there is still something you are confused about or something that is stopping you from making a great throw in Pokemon Go, you can tell us in the comment section and we will soon reach out to you with the answers.

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