How To Make BeReal Private From Others?

Do you post pictures on BeReal but concerned about your privacy? No need to worry now! Just follow some simple steps(below listed) and make your beReal account private in a couple of minutes.

BeReal is just like other social networking sites. It allows users to post one photo per day to show what their followers are doing in real-time. Unlike other platforms where you can apply filter to your photos, BeReal has pushed the idea of posting pictures without any filters.

Use These 5 Steps To Make BeReal Private

Step 1Open Your Bereal app
Step 2Click a Snap
Step 3Click on add a caption
Step 4Click on “Options”
Step 5Select “My Friends Only”

How To Make BeReal Private From Others? – Explained

Is BeReal Public or Private? You will be a little relieved to know that Bereal’s account is private by default. Yes, it’s true. You don’t have to do some extra efforts to make Bereal private.

When it comes to keeping Bereal Private, there are no restrictions. All of your posts are automatically set to private and the account is already set to private for everyone.

But if you want to check, then you can go to the Bereal account settings and change your account settings to Private if it is not. Here’s how to make your BeReal private?

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Open your Bereal app

First, open the Bereal app from your phone and log in to your account by clicking its icon.

Click a Snap

Second, you have to activate your front and rear camera and capture a photo, as usual, to upload it to Bereal.

Click on add a caption

Thirdly, you will notice the option to “add a caption” for your post before you upload it.

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Click on “Options”

You have to click the “option” tab which you can see at the bottom of the right side.

Select “My Friends Only”

Finally, you have the option to “hide Bereal” from the displayed discovery feed by clicking on my friends. Additionally, if you need to publish something before sending it, a page will emerge where you must click the submit icon.

You may pick between the circular icons for “my friends only” and “my friends and discovery” on the same page’s bottom left side. Selecting the former option will keep your Bereal postings private, and selecting the latter will make them public.

How Can You Modify The Viewer Preferences For Your Public Post?

You can easily edit your viewer’s preferences for public posts. But how? Simply, choosing the option on the Bereal app and touching the three dots in the top right corner will allow you to do so.. Keeping the view of how your profile type is, you can also change your options. This is a simple method for altering your device’s settings.

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Bereal is a safe app, but not in all circumstances. If you want to share your daily updates on Bereal, in that case, you have to be a little careful. Additionally, you may quickly report a user’s account if you find inappropriate posts in your feed. 

It is interesting that the Bereal user’s account is private by default. You don’t have to do some extra thing in order to make it private. However, if you are unsure, you can still check your Bereal account privacy settings by going to the settings and looking at the above steps.

What is Bereal?

It is a French social app that has supported the idea of sharing unfiltered pictures. It encourages users to upload photos without any editing, making a genuine and secure environment.

Who is the owner of Bereal?

Alexis Barreyat is the owner of the Bereal app.

Is the Bereal app safe?

Yes, the use of the Bereal app is safe. Bereal is more secure than social networking apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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