How To Make PS4 Controller Vibrate – Let’s Know The Trick

Are you looking for a way how to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously? This is not that big of a deal, all you need is just a little guidance that of course, we are going to provide you with.  

Although PS5 is the latest gaming console in the PlayStation series, PS4 is still a better choice as it is an affordable one and has almost all the games that the PS5 supports. And, did you know that you could make your PS4 vibrate? Well, if not, now is the time for you to know how it is done. 

How to make PS4 Controller vibrate? Answer: Just download the iVibrate Driver app to your computer and install it. Run the application and it will make your linked PS4 controller vibrate nonstop. 

Let us know further in detail how to make your PS4 controller vibrate constantly, just keep reading with us and you will also be able to do that easily. 

How To Make PS4 Controller Vibrate Using DS4Windows?

You can easily make your PS4 controller vibrate through your PC or Mac, which will add extra fun to your gaming experience. Here is how you can do that. 

First of all, you will require to turn on the vibration settings on your PS4 controller. For this, you need to go to the Settings menu on your home screen and then select the “Device” option. Here, you will see an option to enable the vibration, and turn it on. 

Now that you have enabled the vibration mode in your PS4 controller, you can move ahead with the main task.

1. Open DS4Windows on your PC and go to the Settings menu. 

2. Now, go to the Hide DS4 option. 

3. Connect your controller to the PC via Bluetooth. 

4. Now, launch Rocket League and click on Free Play to test if the vibrations are working or not. 

5. Then press the middle button+options for me to turn off your controller. 

6. Now, use the micro USB port to plug in your controller and turn the PS4 controller on. 

As you do this, you will see that your PS4 controller will start vibrating continuously, so, have fun with it. 

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How To Make PS4 Controller Vibrate Using iVibrate Driver App?

There is an alternate method that you can go for if you want to make your PS4 controller vibrate nonstop. For this, you will require an application named iVibrate Driver on your PC. Below are the steps that you will need to follow in this case. 

1. Go to the website for downloading the application iVibrate Driver. 

2. Download the application and launch it on your computer. 

3. Run the application on your PC, while your PS4 controller is also connected to it, and that’s it, your PS4 controller will start vibrating without a pause unless you turn off the application. 

If you see, this method is comparatively easier than using DS4Windows. Rest is up to you which method you prefer the most, but these two are the only way in which you can make your PS4 controller vibrate as you play your favorite games where the fun increases by ten times when the controller is also vibrating throughout the movements. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know how to make PS4 controller vibrate continuously on a PC, so go ahead and try it out. You would really love to play the games with your controller vibrating simultaneously. You can also alter the intensity of vibration as per your preference.

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