How to Play Cry Of Fear Co Op Mode

How to Play Co-op Mode in 2022?

Download Hamachi (If You Don’t Have)

The official website can be found at Download from this website and then sign up. Done! You’re breathtaking.

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Create a Network or Join to Already Created Network

Making a networks to Play Cry Of Fear Co Op Mode:

1. Open hamachi

2. Click on Network and then create a new network.

3. Enter any name into the network’s identifier field and enter a password(optional).

4. Give it to your family and friends.

5. Done!

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Connect to a previously created network

1. Open hamachi

2. Slick on Network

2. Click Connect to join the already-created network.

3. Enter the password and identifier.

4. Done!

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Open Cry of Fear and Connect or Create Your Own Server

Make your server

1. Open a tab to select a map server

2. Click on the tab to play

3. Select the server you want to use, hostname(any), servers players (depending on the number of players) and password (don’t alter this), and the lobby’s auto-restart time (set the time to 300, this is normal for all players) and auto-start time (recommend 60 seconds because it’s the most value-for-money according to me.

DON’T TURN IT OFF! It is possible to spat using the heart massage; however, unfortunately, it’s not always successful since the character may become stuck(there is a chance of bugs), pausable servers (optionally when you use a daw), if one player makes a pause, everyone will freeze. But in the absence of an AW, nobody is able to freeze. I hope you understand. The next item to remember is Lan Server. DON’T PUT DRAW ON IT! After that, click start and then wait for players to finish.

How do I connect to a friend of yours

1. Right-click on your host friend’s name in Hamachi

2. Click Copy IPv4 Address to copy

3. Open your game, turn on your console (it’s the letter. If you’re unable to open it, go to your settings and then turn it on) and enter connect: your friend’s IPv4 address. For example, connect

[IMPORTANT] If You Get an Error at Connect, Host Needs to Turn Off His Firewall

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Select the Security and System links.

3. Choose Windows Firewall.

4. Choose the option to turn Windows Firewall on or off on the left-hand right.

5. Choose the bubble next to the option of turning Off the Windows Firewall (not recommended) in the private network settings or public networks settings.

Enjoy Your Game

Unfortunately, when you create the server, not all maps are identified. If you are playing with your others and need to stop an activity, record the status in the console to know the map that you ended yours by walking. Keep this in mind. The next time you visit this map.

The only host can create a server Write changelevel In the console. For example, changelevel c_cof_village2

Here’s a map listing of the main co-op campaign:

  • cof_campaign_01
  • c_cof_village2
  • c_cof_village1
  • c_cof_fsewer1
  • c_cof_lake
  • c_cof_forestday
  • c_cof_asylum1day
  • c_cof_asylum2
  • c_cof_asylum1
  • c_cof_forest7
  • c_cof_forest6
  • c_cof_forest5
  • c_cof_forest4
  • c_cof_forest3
  • c_cof_forest2
  • c_cof_forest1
  • c_cof_bridge
  • c_cof_trainride2
  • c_cof_trainride
  • c_cof_subway2st3
  • c_cof_subway2st2
  • c_cof_subway2st1
  • c_cof_buscity
  • c_cof_city
  • c_cof_city2
  • c_cof_park
  • c_cof_park2
  • c_cof_stad
  • c_cof_subway1st1
  • c_cof_coopend

and for an further “Manhunt” campaign:

  • cof_manhunt_campaign
  • c_cof_alley
  • c_cof_street
  • c_cof_subway1
  • c_cof_subway2
  • c_cof_subway3
  • c_cof_gasstation
  • c_cof_truckride
  • c_cof_foresttrail1
  • c_cof_hospital
  • c_cof_foresttrail2
  • c_cof_foresttrail3
  • c_cof_cabin

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