How to Play Split Screen on Cold War?

Split-screen games are hard to find nowadays even though it hasn’t been given a lot of appreciation for Black Ops Cold War, the game is nevertheless an enjoyable experience.

However, setting it up isn’t easy. The procedure is similar to games that have been played before, but there are a few brand new hurdles to cross.

When the game was released, Black Ops Cold War’s split-screen capabilities were poor at best. When playing multiplayer, crash crashes became common and, in zombies, the feature did not work.

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A patch released before Season One has rectified the issue, and even though it’s still unwieldy, you can now play in split-screen mode without anxiety of your game going through meltdowns.

In the meantime, and without further ado, this is how you can create split-screen games within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on consoles.

How To Play Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Split-Screen Multiplayer

If you’re interested in playing multiplayer in Cold War with a person in the same room, it’s possible – but only on consoles. Unfortunately, split-screening isn’t an option for PC gamers at the moment however Treyarch hasn’t made any announcements on whether the option will become available shortly.

If you’re playing on console, the setup of split-screen multiplayer can be done in about a minute or so; however there are some limitations. If you’re planning to stream online games, each user has to have an account through Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. If they do not, you’ll be limited to playing locally-only modes.

After choosing the game you’ll play, switch off the controller on your second and login to your account and select X/A to join the group. After that the leader of the group will decide which multiplayer game modes to search for.

Before you launch the game, it’s worthwhile to review your settings. The default split-screen display is vertical. If you’d prefer seeing your split-screen display on both sides of the screen, you can alter that by changing the graphics settings.

But, regardless of the display option you select, you can expect to see dark bars surrounded by your screen. The Cold War split-screen does not fill the screen. Treyarch hasn’t commented on the possibility of having this solved in a later update.

In the wake of a preseason update, Treyarch has resolved some of the known issues that affect multiplayer split-screens, such as the game’s crash when you open the leaderboards. This feature is now safer and more user-friendly, but there are some glitches.

After playing a couple of games split-screen, certain parts of characters’ models do not load. It can leave you playing around on a partially rendered map, with only half a gun, and battling with players that appear to be invisible.

Gameplay typically resumes after a couple of games however it’s not the best. Treyarch is investigating “visual issues” caused by split-screen according to its Trello board; however there’s no information yet on a solution.

How To Play Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombie Split-Screen

Zombies is a mode of play that is based on collaboration. Although you can play the game in a local or online environment, players were stunned to learn that you were unable to play locally split-screen because of a bug at the time of release.

The Treyarch team has resolved the issue, and members of the same household can now play zombies together again. The set-up is similar to the gameplay in multiplayer.

Here’s what you should do to play zombies on split screens:

  • Add a different controller your console
  • Log into your PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live account.
  • Press”X/A” to join the lobbyist

The Zombie split-screen system is somewhat shaky, so if you’re having difficulty connecting a second controller into your game, ensure that the second player has an Xbox Live or PSN account. The two players have both added to each other in their networks as their friends. networks. If you’re still experiencing issues, restart the game and try again.

It’s important to know when you’re trying to play split-screen online with your friends and unable to host the event. If you attempt, you’ll be confronted with an error message. 

Instead, invite someone else to throw a private gathering with them, then add additional controllers by following the instructions above.

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As in multiplayer, you’ll notice the black bars that take the screen. The graphics will take an obliteration however it will be smooth and fluid after Treyarch has fixed some of the issues with split-screen.

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