How To See When You Bought A Game On Steam-Check Your Purchase History

If you enjoy PC gaming, there is a good chance your steam library is constantly expanding. After all, it’s the preferred online retailer for video games for the majority of consumers. If you want to know how to see when you buy a game on Steam, then this is the right place.

When you buy a game, it is often automatically stored in Steam. But how do you see when you bought a game on steam? When did you buy that game? 

This you can know only when you will be able to view your purchase history of games on steam. Some people might be wondering, “Is there any way to see your purchase history on steam”? 

If that describes you, you might be interested in learning how to examine a list of all the games you have bought, redeemed, and earned on steam. Here in this article, you will get a complete guide on how to view your purchase history on steam.

How To See When You Bought A Game On Steam?

Here is How To See When You Bought A Game On Steam. You have to follow these instructions carefully in order to see your purchase history of games on steam:

  • Go to steam and sign in. Instead of utilizing the website, we advise downloading and using the Steam client. You have to click the link, which is available on the website, in order to download or update your steam.
  • After clicking on your profile in the top-right corner of the steam home page, a menu will open where you may select your account details page.
  • Click view purchase history under store & purchase history.
  • Your whole purchase history will be displayed by steam in the next window.
  • You can now scroll down to view every purchase you made on steam and any market transaction.

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What Does The Purchase History Show On Steam?

Every payment you have made on steam is displayed in your purchase history. All the things plus cards, including games, subscriptions, and apps that are purchased through Steam’s store, are covered under the purchase history of Steam.

Now, you have to see the purchase history of your games on Steam. So, from here you will get to know about every single game. For example, Which game did you buy? On what date did you buy it? And also By, how much cost did you buy it? You will get to know every small history of games on steam.

Can You Use Steam Purchase History As Purchase Proof?

Yes, you can use your steam purchase history as purchase proof. In case something goes wrong, such as missing DLC, missing from the library, problems with the key, etc, it may also be used as evidence of purchase. You may also inquire, ask a question, express dissatisfaction over being overcharged, request a receipt, etc.

Important Things Need To Include In Purchase Proof

  • Steam ID
  • Product Name
  • Date Of Purchase
  • Purchase Amount

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We hope that now you have understood How To See When You Bought A Game On Steam. Have you been astounded by the amount of money you have spent on games after reviewing your steam purchase history? If not, then follow these steps and view your game’s purchase history now. This purchase history mostly contains all the information you need related to games on steam. You may view each transaction’s date, payment method, and total expenditure or revenue. 

How do steam purchases work?

A game that you purchase on steam immediately downloads and installs itself on your PC. You may remove and reinstall PC games whenever you like after becoming an expert at utilizing the steam program to purchase PC games.

Is Steam good for buying games?

As the premier PC gaming shop on desktops, laptops, or steam decks, Steam maintains its dominance thanks to its wealth of games and user-friendly features. Independently chosen and reviewed goods by PCMag editors.

Can you erase your steam purchase history?

No, the history of purchase cannot be removed. That’s not possible.

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