How To Send Pokemon From Go To Home?

Have you got a Pokemon you needed in Pokemon Home but you have found it in Pokemon Go? There is nothing to worry about as long as you are aware of how to send Pokemon from Go to Home. So, are you ready to know how this can happen just with the help of your Nintendo account?

There are many Pokemon that we can easily find in Pokemon Go but we basically want them in Pokemon Home and vice versa. But that is not an issue for a player who knows how to link these two games to each other for transferring a Pokemon from one game to the other. 

To send Pokemon from Go to Home, you need to first link your same Nintendo account to Pokemon Go as well as Pokemon Home, then open the Settings menu and go to Pokemon Home to choose the Pokemon you want to transfer. Make sure you have the required amount of GO Transport Energy and proceed as directed. Then you can go to Pokemon Home and accept the Pokemon that you have sent to yourself. 

We know it is not as simple as it seems and you need a much more detailed version of this guide that is why we have described the entire process in a more simplified manner, so, keep reading.

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How To Send Pokemon From Go To Home?

The main thing that you will require to do for transferring your Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home is to link your Pokemon Home game to your Nintendo account. 

1. First, open Pokemon Go on your device and tap on the PokeBall which is at the bottom of the main screen. 

2. Then, go to the settings menu by tapping on the settings icon at the top right corner. 

3. Next, you will find the “Pokemon HOME” option in the Settings menu, tap on it. And then select the Sign In option from there. 

4. Now you have to log in to your Nintendo Account. After linking your Nintendo Account and Pokemon Go app, it will stay linked. 

5. After this, you must check if the username and Support ID is the same as that of Pokemon Home, if not, you might have used the wrong Nintendo Account, make sure that the account is the same for linking both games. 

6. Once you get your games Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home linked to each other via the same Nintendo account, you can transfer your Pokemon with the help of the GO Transporter. 

7. You will require a certain amount of GO Transporter energy in order to use the GO Transporter and the amount of this energy varies depending upon the Pokemon you want to transfer. 

8. You can use your PokeCoin if you immediately want to recharge your GO Transporter Energy, otherwise, over time, it will automatically get recharged. 

9. So, you have to go to your Settings menu and open Pokemon Home. then sign into your Nintendo account and select the Send Pokemon option from there. 

10. Make sure you have enough GO Transport energy and then click on the Continue button. 

11. Now, you can choose the Pokemon that you want to transfer and tap on the “Next” button.

12. Finally, confirm your choice and tap on the Transport button. If the entire process has been followed correctly, your chosen Pokemon will be transferred from Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME right away. 

Now that you have sent the Pokemon to Pokemon Home. you will also have to receive it from the game. 

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Launch the Pokemon HOME app on your device and you will find a prompt asking “Would you like to receive them?”. Tap on the Yes button from there. Now you can check the Pokemon by tapping on “View Transferred Pokemon” and then tapping on “Receive Pokemon”. 

The transfer process will be complete as soon as you find “Pokemon Received” mentioned on the screen and you will have the species in Pokemon Home. 

Wrap Up

That was all about how to send Pokemon from GO to HOME. We hope that no matter which Pokemon it is, you will easily be able to transfer them from one game to the other and the same is the process if you wish to transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon Home to Pokemon Go.

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