How To Shiny Hunt In Pokemon Sword?

Did you find any Shiny Pokemon for yourself yet? We know that is nothing more than a change in appearance from the regular form, but still, it helps you stand out in the game, so there is nothing bad in having one. If you are planning to lay your hands on a Shinie, then you need to know how to shiny hunt in Pokemon Sword.

There is a variety of Pokemon you will see in Pokemon Sword, each of them belonging to a specific category. While some of these Pokemon are just the regular ones, there are others that are legendary, mythical, or sometimes shiny versions of these forms. 

To shiny hunt in Pokemon Sword, decided the Pokemon that you want to get in a shiny form and then battle as many such Pokemon as you can which will gradually increase your chances of getting the Shiny version of the same. If you want to quickly increase these chances, then you must catch the same Pokemon species in a row. 

There is a lot more that you are going to need to know, so just keep reading to find out how you precisely shiny hunt in Pokemon Sword. 

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How To Shiny Hunt In Pokemon Sword?

There are a few things to be aware of before you begin a shiny hunt in Pokemon Sword, for instance, in Galar, you are not going to have catch combos. We shall keep letting you know the other important things as you continue to read. 

First of all, you have to choose a Pokemon for shiny hunting. Once you have decided on your target, you can head to the location which is the main spawning area of that species. 

As you find it, you will require to battle that Pokemon, as a result of which you can either beat it or simply catch it. If you have already battled a lot of similar Pokemon throughout the game, there are great chances that this one is a shiny form. 

So, the most important thing to have odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon on your side is to battle as many Pokemon of that type as possible, because, otherwise, there is only a 1 in 4096 chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon in this game. 

But, if you have battled a lot of Pokemon of the type, your possibility of having its Shiny Form increases to a certain level. 

For instance, if you have battled 50 such Pokemon, the chances of finding its Shiny form are 1.5%. 

If you have battled that Pokemon 100 times, the possibility of getting its Shiny form increases to 2%. 

If you have battled that Pokemon about 200 times, the possibility increases to 2.5% that you will find its shiny form. 

If you have battled about 300 of them, then the chances will increase to 3% which is a good probability, at least better in comparison to others. 

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Moreover, there is one more thing that can increase your chances of getting the Shiny Pokemon to a great extent. It is the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Sword. 

If you get this Shiny Charm and put it in your bag, you will have a much higher chance of encountering the Shiny Pokemon species in the game. 

Well, if you wish to get a Shiny Charm, the requisite is first to complete your Pokedex in the game. So, you will require to catch all the 400 different species of Pokemon available in the game. 

Once your Pokedex is completed, you can go to Chichester and get into the Ionia Hotel’s west door where you have to enter the room on the leftmost side. Make sure you have already spoken to the Director before. 

And, this time, when you again see the Director, he will give you Shiny Charm as a reward and you might soon find some great Shiny Pokemon in the game. 

There is one more thing you will find useful. It is that if you have beaten or caught about 25 same Pokemon species all in a row (consecutively), that is, to make a chain of catching the same Pokemon species, then you will have a quite high possibility of finding a shiny Pokemon. In this manner, you will have 1 in 455 chances of encountering a shiny form of that Pokemon. 

Wrap Up

We hope that this article was useful to you and now you will also work on what we have mentioned so that you can also find a Shiny Pokemon for yourself very soon in Pokemon Sword. If there is still something you need to know in this aspect or any other type of Pokemon you want to get, share it with us in the comments.

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