How To Slay Your Dragon WoW Quest – Finish Off Wild Wyrm

Are you also excited about completing the How To Slay Your Dragon WoW quest? But, you must first be well equipped with the right strategies or you will not be able to go through it in The Sons of Hodir faction. 

World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the most popular role-playing video games that are available in the online multiplayer mode. You can play it either in the First or Third person’s view as you control a character avatar and jump into a world where you will get to fight a variety of monsters as well as interact with many NPCs. That’s not all, you will also be given chances to complete several quests for which you will receive several awards as well. 

The How To Slay Your Dragon quest is the one where you have to kill the Wild Wyrm which you will find in the Valley of Ancient Winters. The challenge is quite scary and your character’s life will be at stake throughout the quest, so you need to be very careful with the spells that you get to use in both phases of this quest. 

Still doubtful about this? Don’t worry, a lot more information has been covered in this article and you can have it all if you just continue to read. 

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What Is How To slay Your Dragon WoW?

In this World of Warcraft quest namely How To Slay Your Dragon, the main objective is to go to the Valley of Ancient Winters and challenge a Wild Wyrm there by using Hodir’s spear. After this, the Wild Wyrm will take you in its grip, and then all you have to do is fight with this enemy of yours till your character is alive. 

So, the only aim of this quest is the slay the dragon Wild Wyrm after which the quest will be completed which will bring such a great honor to Dun Niffelem. 

You will need to look around above the path that is to the west of Dun Niffelem where you will find an elite wyrm flying. 

In order to pull this Wyrm down to you, make use of the Spear of Hodir, and then you will be able to grab onto this Wyrm’s chest, and then the Wyrm will start using its claws to finish you off. 

While you are holding on to the Wyrm, you have to make the grip on it by getting a buff on yourself. Beginning at 60, you can take this Wild Wyrm’s Grip up to 100. 

Remember that you are going to die in case this grip reaches Zero. So, make sure that this doesn’t happen unless you have a Snowfall Lager which you can purchase from the vendors in the exchange for 2 Relic of Ulduar. 

There will be two phases throughout this quest. While during the first phase, there will be four spells that you will have on your vehicle bar: 

1. Grab On. 

2. Dodge Claws.

3. Thrust Spear.

4. Mighty Spear Thrust. 

In the second phase, you will be given another two spells again on your vehicle bar.

1. Pry Jaws Open. 

2. Fatal Strike. 

Do not forget to take off all the clothing of your character before learning all this so that your skills are not affected by that. All you need to make sure is that the Wyrm dies before you do, as, once it dies, even if your character also doesn’t survive, you will still receive the credit for the quest and it will be considered as accomplished. 

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Once you are done with this quest and you come out as the victorious one, you will also receive several gains and rewards. 

You get 16 gold coins and 53 silver coins in the form of rewards, and, as for the gains, you attain 650 reputations with The Sons of Hodir. 

Wrap Up

We guess this was the important information that you were looking for regarding the “How To Slay Your Dragon WoW” quest and if there is still anything you are finding trouble with throughout this quest, you can share it with us in the comments section below so that we can assist you with the same. 

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