How to Turn Off Crossplay Destiny 2

Cross Play for Destiny 2 allows players to create fireteams and interact with other players on all platforms. Cross Play is automatically enabled for all players and does not require activation. Continue reading for more information about Cross Play and the changes it brings.

Turn Off Crossplay Destiny 2

All platforms that are supported by Destiny 2 now can play together. This means that Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Stadia users can all play together. Cross Play is not possible for Steam users.

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To deactivate Cross Save click the “Deactivate Cross Save” button at the bottom. Cross Save can only be deactivated if the players have authenticated all accounts. All accounts previously part of Cross Save will be deactivated after 90 days.

How does crossplay work on Destiny 2?

Crossplay in Destiny 2 works with the Bungie Name system. This will be your identity on all platforms. This name will be given to you automatically when you log in during Season of the Lost. It can also be used as a backend identifier for friends who wish to add you to another system.

Can I transfer my Destiny 2 characters from Xbox to PC using the Xbox 360?

Cross-platform Destiny 2 saves allow you to transfer your progress between different platforms – PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, or Google Stadia. You can play on one console and then switch to a PC, keeping all your progress.

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How can I setup Destiny 2 crossplay?

These steps will allow you to add crossplay friends to Destiny 2:

  1. Play Destiny 2 and open the Director.
  2. Navigate to the Invites tab on the Roster screen.
  3. In the “Search By Bungie Name” field, enter your friend’s exact Bungie name.
  4. To add them to your friend’s list, send a friend request

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