How To Use Incantations Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a fantasy game with a lot of magical elements throughout the gameplay. You can perform these magics through spells and can memorize these spells through memory slots which are further increased through memory stones. The magic in the game includes sorceries and incantations. The Sorceries are based on the intelligence attribute of the character and deal with attacks. Incantations, however, get affected by the character’s Faith and Arcane. 

Incantations are the spells that are based on the player’s faith level and work accordingly. The player can use Incantations to summon for casting spells. In Elden Ring game, the player can use over a hundred Incantations according to their utility. 

To use Incantations in Elden Ring, the player needs to first occupy a seal by going to View> Equipment> Get a seal> D-pad to toggle> Seal Equipped. Keep reading to know more about how to use Incantations Elden Ring.

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How To Use Incantations Elden Ring?

The very popular action, fantasy, and role-playing game to date, Elden Ring has various magical elements which make the game very fascinating, and players stay engrossed in the gameplay. The game is packed with enormous weapons, spells and many other elements used to attack or defend. The game even allows the players to summon the non-playing characters and use their help to attack the enemies or bosses

The Faith level of the player in the game decides the number of spells called incantations they can use. These various Incantations can provide strength, boost power, cause some serious damage attacks, and much more. But there is a method to use these Incantations. 

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Following are the steps to use Incantations Elden Ring

  1. Sacred Seals are an important item the player must possess in order to use Incantations. These seals can be obtained by exploring the game’s open world either by collecting them at various places, buying them from the Twin Maiden husks, or playing as the class which already provides them as the game starts.  
  1. The Incantations can be equipped if the player rests at a Site Of Grace, immediately go to memorize the spell, and get the incantations you desire.
  1. Click on the View Button on your device and you will get access to the Equipment zone. 
  1. There, you can Equip a Sacred Seal either in your left or right hand. Toggle the D-pad and you will be able to cycle through the equipment in your hands. 
  1. With the equipped seal and incantation, the player can now cast any possessed Incantations. However, the player’s faith level depends on the incantations to be used. Incantations will have more power if their faith level requirement is higher. 

The number of Incantations equipped at a time highly depends on the memory slots the player has.

How To Use Incantations Elden Ring- FAQs

Do you need Intelligence for Incantations Elden Ring?

Incantations are purely based on the player’s Faith level and have nothing to do with the player’s Intelligence stat. So, No, you don’t need Intelligence for Incantations Elden Ring. 

Why can’t I use Incantations?

You need to first acquire Incantations from different locations. You can even buy some of them or collect them from different places and then you must Memorize Spells at a Site of Grace. 

What is the best seal for Incantations?

The Erdtree Seal is believed to be the best seal for Incantations and due to its higher Faith requirement, it performs the best. 

Wrap Up

The information provided above is about how to equip, use or cast Incantations in the game Elden Ring. There are also some queries we had cleared regarding Incantations and their use. The players must go through these steps and understand these spells’ procedures before playing the game. Enjoy this amazing game with fantasy elements to provide you with the best experience in gaming. 

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